Rogers Screws CFL Fans Royally

Rogers shabby treatment of TSN is screwing us CFL fans who want to watch games in HD.

First they screw you by making you pay extra to get TSN on regular cable, while Sportnset and the Jays are on the basic package.

Then when I wanted to add TSN HD to watch CFL games in HD, I was told it was going to cost me 10 bucks more a month! While Sportsnet HD is included in my current HD package. Assuring their Jays get full exposure.

So if I wanted to add TSN in HD along with basic cable, it was going to cost me close to an extra 20 bucks a month.

Cosnidering that TSN is the premiere sports network in CAnada, showing hockey and the CFL, its a disgrace the CRTC lets Rogers treat TSN the way it does.

Not only are they trying to get rid of the competition, they are forcing CFL fans to pay more to watch games. The more you hear about Ted Rogers and his business practises the more you start despising the guy.

I feel the same way about something else...:roll:

as much as I like any opportunity to bash and diss rogers, I cant cry for anyone over HD. Been watching CFL for 42 yrs without HD. Its not needed.

Colour TV?
Ya dont need that either!

...anyone who watches without bunny ears just isn't trying hard enough...slouchers...

I agree :thup:

But you do have one dont you?

but I dont NEED it, and I wouldnt cry if I didnt have it.

I got lots of old tv dvds that are in black and white, and I have no problem at all with them. In fact, I quite enjoy most of them, if the over all video quality is otherwise still good.

But he doesn't harp on the issue...

Not that I care much for Rogers, but they are trying to run a business, afterall. Several, in fact. My point is, Rogers isn't a publicly owned company. Why should they have to carry TSN HD for free? Particularly since it competes with their own HD channel, which just happens to be televising a Rogers-owned baseball team? (Not that anyone would actually pay to see the Jays, but that's another argument all together.)

I just love it how so many people on this forum are quick to cry ‘Foul!’ the moment they’re asked to pay any money, implying that they’re somehow entitled to free entertainment. Meanwhile, when the Ottawa CFL franchise folded, the possibility that the league might come forward and float the franchise until new ownership could be found was anathema.


It seems to me that TSN used to be considered a specialty channel when it first came out but applied for and received UMM lets call it regular channel status by the CRTC and cable networks are supposed to include it in basic packages( many don't however)

Also just because Rogers has their own Sports station it doesn't mean that they should have the right to squeeze out their competition.... If Global were to start a cable company(and as far as I know, they are monopolies) should they have the right to charge you extra for CTV or CBC?

I'm surprised, berezin99 that you subscribe to Rogers after reading the constant stream of abuse you heap on them. It's a bit hypocritical to say the least.

Shaw does the same thing in Vancouver.... Oh crap I think their merged... That was a realtime relization...(Didn't Rodgers agree to take the East and Shaw the West?... Crap....I'm going to have change to Telus now....

Get a moldy old sock fill it with pennies enough to pay your Rogers account and voice your displeasure to them.

Rogers wants a NFL team and are doing their best to ruin the CFL. Somehow I have a feeling they are behind this new league policy of no CFL games televised to fans in the USA.


Move to Hamilton Mountain :stuck_out_tongue: , our cable provider has TSN on the basic analog/digital packages, and only charges $4 for the HD Sports package.

I wonder, is BobbyS BobbyP's brother?

If you don't like it, get a different cable provider? There's gotta be at least one alternative.

I have star choice HD and it's only and extra 1.99 a month to get both TSN HD and Sportsnet no contracts