ROGERS pushing the Bills in Kitchener-Cambridge now

I'd love to see the ratings figures from this. Rogers is trumpeting how the Kitchener station (ruined - in my opinion - by Don Kollins who has now savaged Fan 590) will be broadcasting every Bills game.

Who cares really, I don't that's for sure. A radio station in K-W isn't something I get too pumped up about.

I wish them them luck. Desperation's setting in as this whole initiative clings to life-support. And it couldn't happen to more deserving people.

I do. I live in Cambridge. However, I think this ties in with the larger ROGERS strategy.

I hear you Mark, if the Bills were to go on the market tomorrow I fully suspect Rogers will put in a bid for them but will they put in a legitimate bid to outbid an American bid that has more "in the heart" motivation to keep the Bills in upstate NY or at least the US? I think it will a very ho-hum type bid for appearance sakes, I don't see them getting into a bidding war that would be putting the team at around the billion dollar Canadian mark, I just don't see it.

The K-W radio station thing is probably more about the remainder of the Bills games in Toronto.

Mark, keep notice of the difference in 570's coverage of football. They might mention the Grey Cup on the Friday prior and then the score on Monday, but Super Bowl gets at least an entire week, "In Depth Team Coverage", etc. It's despicable.

Not something to get too riled up about guys, really, we know that the CFL in non CFL towns especially in Ontario has for ever never been a big deal, or even the Grey Cup. That's the way it's been and the CFL doing well in these parts is not contigent on these types of stations ie. stations in non CFL market cities, and what they talk about. Every Canadian city will probably talk about the SB more than the GC and has been that way for years, the SB is a media frenzy that the US pushes, of course everyone and their mother will pump it up, especially in the dead of winter here in the middle of a long hockey season.

This doesn't mean people are all of a sudden going to snap up pricey tickets at the RC for a Bills game unless perhaps the game means something in terms of playoff standings or that.

Any subject concerning Rogers will get the same response from me every time: "I hate Rogers." End of discussion.

For me living around here, it will be as long as the Bills play in Buffalo, er Orchard Park, and I want that "NFL experience", that's where I'll go to get my NFL fix. It will never be the RC in Toronto for that experience. I have better things to do with my time.

On PTI a couple weeks ago, Wilbon and Kornheiser dedicated one of their "Happy Trails" segments to the buffalo bills making any attempt to come to Canada and flourish in toronto. After 39000 showed up to the pre season game vs. the colts and with 10000 of those fans receiving free tickets, Wilbon went on to say that New York City would be better off with 3 NFL teams and that the NFL has no business in Canada because it would fail and that the bills are wasting their time by playing in toronto.....

Rogers is wasting their time with their sorry american dream....and I hope Rogers will crash and burn with this endeavor...