Rogers pulls in a big name from TSN

Rogers Media has scooped up Dave Randorf to compliment their new hockey rights.........Yikes!

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I am guessing Habs fans are happy about this.

Randorf is awful when calling hockey.

Piece mentions Hodge or Black as his potential replacement to host the CFL broadcasts.

Money talks, always loved Randorf with the CFL. But money talks. Take the money and run as they say. I would do the same. That being said, I would hope Randorf can be replaced, of course which he can.

As a host, he's easier to replace than an import RB. :wink:

Yeah, i didn't mind him with the CFL, but hockey? He's awful, IMO.

Not sure what Rogers is thinking!

He's not taking Rod Black with him ?

They aren't really going to give the desk to Black ? They should give it to Fahrkwan Fudgy, he did a good job when Cohon pulled his tantrum.

Yeah, Fudgy wouldn't be bad a choice.

Of note in that article was this comment:

"In addition to several production enhancements, we are also planning to introduce both new faces and some of our marquee talent to our CFL broadcasts," he wrote. "More details will come soon, but this is an exciting time for the entire team as we refresh various elements of CFL on TSN."
Sadly I don't think this means they've pulled Rod Black from broadcasting games, probably just adding another play by play guy.

I am actually a bit concerned about Hodge going Bob Cole. Caught a bit of Sunday's The Reporters and he posed a question that had already been directly addressed immediately before he did so.

Also tired of his faux-toughness where he poses a "controversial" question and then namby-pamby's his answer.

Hodge is still one of the best in the country IMO.
If you ever hear him co-hosting TSN Drive on TSN1050 radio in Toronto, compare him to the other co-hosts.
He's so much better. :thup:

Read the article again,you guys have the wrong Rod :slight_smile: The article talks about Rod Smith not Rod "I'm a girl" Black possibly taking over Randorf's chair on the panel.IMO Randorf was good on the panel,but it shouldn't be too hard for TSN to get another talking head to replace him.The fudgeman might be a good choice :slight_smile:

Maybe an increased role for Brian Williams or TSN's best studio host James Duthie?

Apparently the three main play-by-play guys for hockey on Rogers will be Jim Hughson, Dave Randorf and Paul Romanuk

it is inevitable that they will scoop up some on camera talent as well as some behind the scenes people. They have a lot of hockey to cover.

Makes me pine for the days of Pat Marsden, Mike Wadsworth, and Bernie Pascall. :lol:

Why not bring Duthie back as host, since they do not have to worry about the NHL any longer.

Actually TSN have resigned most of their hockey people already because even though they lost the national contract. TSN still will have a whack of regional games shown in various regions on a lot of nights of the hockey season. They have something like 40 regional Habs games, a whack of Jets and Sens regionally and 26 Leafs games next year too. So lots of hockey work for Duthie still.

Randorf always seemed to geeky to be on a football panel for my liking.

Please, NOT Romanuk! :frowning:
Couldn't he stay in the U.K. and leave us alone?

How 'bout a girl host…or hostess as it were? :?