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Rogers owns the Argos under the MLSE umbrella, yet the CFL which has TV ratings that beat the Jays ( most times) and one could argue the CFL is the number 1 sports property during the Summer months, can’t be found on the Rogers sports page. MLS has their own tab, but the number 1 sports property in Canada during the summer that has TV ratings that are 5 times that of MLS is listed under Other on the Sportsnet page. Yet we are to believe that Rogers media and the people who work for Rogers media does not have an axe to grand against the CFL and report on the league fairly… yeah right


Where are you getting your info? Not saying I don’t trust you, I’m just saying I want to see it.

Check the Sportsnet dot ca website. It has the CFL in the “other” category.

Once the TV deal ends with TSN, the CFL should find another TV license carrier like Global/ Corus Entertainment or the CBC.

But don’t put all it’s football eggs in one basket, give TSN the Thursday night game of the week and let the other network carry CFL games the rest of the week

I think the reverse might be better. Have TSN carry the games, as they do now, but have one “game of the week” on “free TV”.

Might encourage viewing by the more casual fan, and could increase TSN viewers?

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Should we expect anything different from Rogers. I believe even though the CFL has solid TV ratings and is Canadian content, Rogers simply sees the CFL and Argos as a roadblock to an NFL team.

I would like to see some variety with the next contract, but the way the CFL continually renews well before contract expiry, I doubt it. Even though TSN and the CFL seem to need each other, I think TSN is the one holding the handle of the leash.

Part of the reason I would like to see a 2nd network is Sundays. The CFL could go back to at least one Sunday game a week. The other network wouldn't have to worry about splitting the viewership of its programs.


That Sunday game last night was fantastic . No need to do the double headers .

I would like the schedule done by the league and the league only unless the media bidder already has a large sponsor for x time and X date and ready to compensate accordingly .

The games should be sold by day of the week and time .

They know by now what is the rate for the day of the week and time . The league should be compensated for the games delivered at set time period .

Problems right now .

Too Many late night games out of the west ......

No need for triple headers .

They allow Their product to go without Sundays in the fall knowing the importance of the day of the week for traditional pro football .
This also gains followers who see the games Sunday right into the playoffs and Grey Cup .

The regional set up for TSN is all over the map for finding the games for the casual viewer to drop in .

Lastly the Casual viewer does need a free to air channel that is coast to coast game of the week .

Sunday night on CBC would be perfect . *. Football Night in Canada **

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Yup. And MLS does not have it’s own tab. It’s under ‘soccer’. CPL is there too.

Neither league has a contract with Rogers so not surprised.

The CFL can charge more if the deal is exclusive. TSN will pay a bit more to keep the competition out.

The NFL can have multiple broadcast partners because it's the NFL and the demand for their product is astronomical. It also has 12-16 games per week and often play 6 or 8 at the same time so they require multiple channels to show them.

There is two problems one is TSN has too much control and it
it comes with caveats .

ESPN owning 30 percent of TSN is not only not providing any return down south they seem to be pissing off the US fans . ZERO Growth after this many years with the product .

They have made the NFL Sundays exclusive now kicking the CFL out of the shelf space during the peak period to shop for pro football in Canada .

If they want all that exclusivity they need to provide more money and growth potential .

The growth on the TV product is not evolving after so many years left to TSN’s own devices .

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Ok, who would you rather give the rights to?

As for Sunday nights, all CFL games are televised nationwide in Canada live. If you are talking about international broadcasting, that is less than 10% of the total numbers, so I don;t see it as much of a problem.

I would sell the product by time and date . It would be broken down to a summer schedule and fall schedule .

That raises the level of the return right away as the league controls the product that it sells . It gives the best rate for advertising dollars .

It would mean tweaking the schedule a bit to make sure their is optimum time for viewers at home watching and going to the game . I would also try that the time is appointment viewing so you know there is a game on 7 pm or whatever is the optimum time allotted for the start and end .

I would open the bidding to who supplies a certain quality of production and money combined .

This can be done much easier when your selling a time slot so the network and the league know what is the possible return for the national / regional sponsors and any national advertiser .

corus , bell , rogers , CBC , all could share a deal .

Open up the bidding the last few deals during the upturn in rights value came with zero rights bidding .

Now those same four have more than one platform they have multiple channels at their disposal that still act as competitors like CTV and TSN which are owned in part or whole by Bell media .

Maybe Sunday nights until the NFL starts up, no need to go head to head. But nothing wrong with the summer Thurs/Fri/Sat games, why spoil a good thing.

The CFL ratings are not bad, they may be higher than the Jays some weeks but the Jays games are an average of 7 games over a week and that includes those late games out west and mon/tues/wed games. Just too much for me.

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