Rogers isn't showing the July 23 Hamilton game!

Rogers has lost its TSN feed in the GTA, and the Hamilton-Montreal game is unavailable. I've seen this problem before with Shaw Cable in Saskatoon. Funny how the cable companies seem to be frequently unable to show CFL games.

And the only reason I waste money on cable tv is to be able to watch CFL games. I'm trying not to be bitter, but somehow I think there were better options for the league to broadcast their games than cable providers...

So watch it online instead.

That's news to me.

It isn't available on-line yet. It probably won't be up until tomorrow.

Did you check for availability before you offered that suggestion?

I see you're in the States, which I hadn't noticed in my previous response. The view-on-demand isn't available at game time in Canada any more. We have to wait until after the game. Because TSN sucks.

There are websites which stream it live which is what I think he was referring to. Not sure if they are legal are not so I'm not going to post any links.

Fill me in here please, how does Rogers "lose" a TSN feed of a CFL game? Does this happen with anything else? That sounds weird.

That's odd because I live in Scarborough and I was able to watch the whole game.

Actually the same problem existed that same morning with a messed up feed but it only effected the Sportscentre telecast though the problem also existed on TSN2 which didn't have that problem when the main network went down last night. As far as I can tell it's just a coincidence, and bad timing for CFL fans. But then again you can't have too many conspiracy theories involving Rogers....