Rogers informed to dial down on CFL (warned)

Heard from an extremely reliable source that Rogers just received backlash by a major, major national player involved in canadian sports. this is getting out now regarding rogers plan to ruin the CFL image and do its part in not covering it.

In fact. Was told that it was such a warning that Rogers held an emergency meeting with this companies execs.

Stay tuned fellas.

another cfl fan site is reporting this rumor but i'll confirm it on this board only.

remember rogers/bell -sportsnet/tsn are major partners with leafs/raptors

What does this mean? Rogers is under no obligation to help the CFL.

Other than PTS and Bob McClown , who is retiring soon, I have never really heard Sportsnet dump on the CFL. They can be indifferent but that's their right - and it makes business sense. It is all the more reason to get some CFL content on Sportsnet after 2021. Having said that, I believe TSN will ensure they have the whole, inexpensive CFL pie to themselves indefinitely.

Rogers goal is to get NFL cause they wanted to own the team and build a new stadium for both nfl/blue jays.

it will never happen so they are furious. when they heard the NFL say they need the Toronto Argos to be strong and the CFL league to be viable. That was it for Rogers.... they were done as potential owners.

so there goal is to kill the CFL in toronto and hurt it by not mentioning it and not having anyone cover it. When CTV sportsnet existed this was not the case. they did a great job covering it. Rogers got on board and plan was in motion.

MLSE is owned by Bell/Rogers. And if Bell is affected in anyway by a Rogers attack. They will make a move to fight them. And this is whats happening. My guess someone like Air Canada, Coca Cola, Wendy's, McDonalds got involved and threatened to cut ties.

understand this. Bob McCown was a huge, huge CFL fan. probably still is. He was always at the games. Then something happened personally with him and the Argos/CFL and he went on a long rant for 1 week about how he is done with them all.

You go from a giant CFL fan talking about it all the time to hating it just like that? You see. Rogers could have paid him $250,000 to bash it. If you heard the episodes you would have been sick. not cause of a cfl fan but because someone that loved the cfl and is in media would trash it like that.

It's a nice thought but... no. :slight_smile:

McClown's a idiot. He's also an idiot who's retiring. Don't worry about it.

I am glad you love the CFL but you are getting worked up about nothing, A.M.

Like I said elsewhere, right now, everything is coming up Jays, Rogers and TFC. Times change. In a few years, the Jays could easily be back to 15K fans per game and 450K on TV.

As for the TFC, seriously, don’t worry about it. This too shall pass.

Acces media, why don't you just call yourself "The Mole".

It would be much more appropriate. And if what you say is true, bravo for spilling the beans (Johnny only farts them).

No problem. Heard it multiple times already that this sponsor was one of their major playes involving HNIC per a fan site member. not sure if its accurate but i do know its a major player

CFL_Steve is that you ???

Your posts are stupid ....and this is why
you start out saying EVIDENCE FOUND but provide nothing but anti rogers drivel...

And then you keep it up post after post and still provide nothing.

Now your trying to say it's a major sponsor ..but still provide nothing.

Your full of BS

Roger was NEVER under any obligation to boost the argos or the cfl thats upto the argos/cfl

The CFL/Argos were just a tennant thats all ....

TSN is a competitor to Rogers and TSN is in Deep with the CFL why would Rogers boost them or advertise you don't see McDonalds advertising the whopper or putting Burger King posters in their places do you?

Stick to one thread no need to flood the board with your dribble

If I was a Rogers sponsor I would also step in. Rogers goes out of their way to trash the CFL.
You don't see this

Not when i lived in Canada never saw it ... i read opinion articles but thats it. Certainly not now no Rogers media in Florida and i don't ho out of my way too look it up.

But you go ahead and think all of the argos woes is Rogers fault

The Argos organization is doing an excellent job of killing the CFL in Toronto all by themselves.
They certainly don't need any help from Rogers!

The people running this fustercluck could not have done a worse job of it. What a disaster!
The team is last in the standings, went 2-7 at the new Stadium, For whatever reason demanded to host the Grey Cup this year when they were clearly not ready for it, Yeeesh, they even screwed up the Grey Cup!
Barker and Milanovich will now both be fired, so the next new regimes first thing next season will be to watch as WPG chooses their #1 overall draft pick, then try to rebuild a team from scratch around QB Willy.
It will take a long while for this franchise to recover any fans from this disaster of a season.

Just keep making up shite and posting.

Conspiracy rumors and innuendo.

Provide the name of your " reliable source " or stop.

In a court of law it is called hearsay.

It's not true until Marty York confirms it.

Sorry boys but I have to side with Access_Media.

This is what Rogers did that I can remember - Forcing Argos on the road, kicking them out of Rogers center before the season was over! Calling the Argos minor league every F chance they get. Bullshit stories from a Rogers Assshole 2 days ago. Trying to stop them from going to BMO! MLSE deliberately cutting the Argos press announcements off at the ankles, not once but twice. Rogers wanting to charge the Argos above market rent at BMO. Not opening the Rogers center early enough during the last year so we had to stand outside and miss the first quarter. Has the fan 590 morning asshole making contests at the Argos expense. This is all deliberate and calculated in this city.

Rogers calls the CFL minor when the NHL has fewer players to pick from then the CFL.
I would put the NCAA on par with Major Jr. A. as far as development so....There are 60 teams in Major Jr A, @25 per team = 1500. There is 73000 in the NCAA football programs plus 1.1 million in US high School football plus CIS and 1000 CDN high school senior teams , Statistically which one would you rank as minor. It is NO contest, but in this city it gets no press.

If Sportsnet dropped CFL from its 6 or 7 channel cable prom and its .ca idiotphone access I think that would border on conspiracy.

TSN covers MLB/Jays and certainly both cover hockey avidly. Both TSN & SN have curling properties that do well in ratings.

So do they discard CFL because of petty politics and having a sourpuss 68 yr old ex-DJ named McCown on board is petty - if not a conspiracy!

I know SN has zero CFL properties, rarely does CFL hi-lites and often ignores scores when its time for Caroline to ram-jam the nightly scores. Why is that?