Rogers hoping to extend Bills series


TORONTO -- Despite difficulties selling Toronto fans on the Buffalo Bills, a senior Rogers Communications executive tells The Associated Press his company is committed to extending the team's five-year series in the city beyond 2012.

Saying Rogers is in it for "the long haul," company vice chairman Phil Lind says the possibility has also been raised of expanding the Bills presence by splitting as many as half their games between Buffalo and Toronto.

Lind spearheaded the five-year "Bills In Toronto" series, established in 2008. Rogers paid the Bills $78 million to host eight games -- including five annual regular-season games -- in Canada's largest city."

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Personally, I call "Bullsh_t". This sounds to me like spin - trying to divert attention from their difficulty selling tickets.

Hey, is Rogers wants to keep losing money, who are we to stop them. Maybe they should just wise up and realize that they could probably purchase and market the Argos for half the cost that these Bills games are costing.

Yes good luck to them!!

I guess they can see the potential. Every Bills game at the Rogers Centre will still outdraw the Argos by 20,000 or so and if the fans are willing to pay the $100 plus for tickets sounds like a money maker.

I suppose that an average of $100 a ticket at the Rogers Centre times 45,000, is better than 75,000 in Buffalo paying an average of $45 a ticket.

If Toronto is such a hotbed of NFL interest then why can't they sell out the one game they host a year?

I'd like to know how many people in Skydome on Sunday actually bought their ticket.

How about you do some research and show us how this game will be a money maker.

Anyone who is using a rogers product is indirectly paying for this money losing venture with the bills.
Besides rogers probably needs the tax right offs.


Take the number of people who actually show up to this circus, minus the freebies Rogers gives away and that’ll put you into the 30-35K range. Then consider how many corporations buy tickets. Rather than one game a year how many would purchase four or eight? Same consideration for the average Joe. $100 once a year compared to $400-$800 for the season? The reality is the blue team outdraws the Rogers/Ralph circus in actual football fans.

Plus, Skydome isn’t a great place to watch CFL and from what I’ve heard the American brand is worse. There is zero chance an 80,000 capacity stadium is going to be built. The NFL will go to Los Angelus or a couple other U.S. locations before coming north of the border.

Any sane football fan smart enough to see past the marketing machine and media hype will realize the CFL is the better investment of their time and money. If it tickles your fancy, spend your Sunday afternoon on the couch with eyes glued to the television; maybe get to Buffalo or Cleveland, Chicago, maybe the Eastern seaboard once a year. But to not support your local CFL team contradicts what being a true football fan is all about.

A money maker? Rogers paid the Bills $78M for eight games -- just under $10M a game, They would need an average ticket price of closer to $200 and 50,000 tickets sold to break even on ticket sales. Of course that does not include marketing costs which I am sure have been extensive.

This is a great deal for the Bills, who likely don't come close to clearing $10M a game at Orchard Park. Not sure how it's a great deal for anyone else.

Is Rogers trying to out last the Bills owner,then try to buy the team in an estate sale?

Yes, that's what is happening I would say and my guess is that the money the team is spending, and losing, on the Bills games now will be deducted, at least a certain percentage, should they actually buy the team when Ralph passes on.

Now this could all be Phil Lind not trying to lose face over how the Bills in Toronto series has failed to live up to the hype and having tickets being given away to employees and dropping prices etc. to get the place full. Lind is up there in the company and this, to me, has looked bad on him but by them saying more games etc. it makes the spin look positive for him. Who knows. As well, my guess is Phil is trying to keep the Argos out of the limelight and the 2012 Grey Cup so by hyping the Bills thingy and saying they want more, they get more press that the NFL will be coming to Toronto for a team there. I personally think it is smoke and mirrors but who knows. Rogers is desperate to compete with the Leafs and the Blue Jays can't do it and they may blow their brains out on the Bills to try and be in the Leafs category. Again, who knows.

All I know is that I won't be spending a dime on the NFL in Toronto unless it directly benefited the Argos and/or CFL but will on the TigerCats and Grey Cups. Going to a Bills game in Buffalo, sure, that's still in my backpocket.

LOL, maybe they enjoy losing money.
Nobody even cares about this game. I rember the 1st year everyone was saying how this would be a resounding sucess, there would line up all the way to Buffalo for tickets and they could charge them for whathever they wanted.

Instead they need to give away tickets and paper the hous because nobody gives a crap.
I don't buy that article for two seconds. With the high probability of a lockout next year in the NFL, this will be even more of a stupid deal. After 2012, I'm sure we won't see anymore Bills in Toronto.,

This is just rogers trying to cover up the mockery of their arrogant practices.

I agree geroy. It doesn't look good on what is a successful businessman to have blown it like this so publicly. It has to be for face saving to a large extent no question. And Phil Lind loves to hear Phil Lind talk.

They can't. Corporations are not allowed to own NFL teams. This is something tToronto NFL fans and people like Phil "dbag" Lind seem to ignore.

geroy, the NFL will relax any "rules" they have if someone comes in far above anothers offer. Money will talk in the end in most areas of business.

Saying Rogers is in it for "the long haul," company vice chairman Phil Lind says [b][u]the possibility has also been raised[/u] [/b]of expanding the Bills presence by splitting as many as half their games between Buffalo and Toronto.
Good use of the passive voice. The possibility may have been raised, but the question of who did the raising is of utmost importance.

The possibility has also been raised of the Bills moving to Hamilton. It just happens that the only place it’s been raised is on our little chat board.

Good point. In business there are always possibilities. I doubt the possibility of extending at $10M/game exists. Clearly the novelty wore out quickly so it would be interesting to know what Roger's new offer will be.

This is like the Super Bowl when some reporter from Toronto always asks the commissioner if Toronto is in the NFL's plans for a team. I mean the commissioner wouldn't even bring it up I doubt but this past SB took the cake. Roger Goodell's answer - Toronto has stadium issues. Enough said, they don't want the Skydome and no wonder, it's a baseball first stadium and football whatever league will take a back seat there. Can you say Blue Jays Avenue? Why not Argonauts Avenue for the team that has the most Grey Cups.

The NFL wants football specific stadiums. And it would take years to get an NFL style stadium built in Toronto.

Smoke and mirrors Phil Lind style.

The series is so successful, that last year Rogers offered two free tickets to the regular season game to every Blue Jay subscriber. There were so many freebies floating around that scalpers had fist-fulls of tickets for $5. It was reported that only 17,000 tickets were actually paid for. After Rogers lowered ticket prices, they gave 30% refunds to about 8,000 subscribers who paid the inflated original prices. That reportedly cost Rogers over $8 million. :roll:

It's not so much about time as money. Look at the trouble it causes trying to build a 25,000 seat stadium. Can you imagine the cost and politics of a stadium for the American football league at four times the price?

This "Bills In Toronto" series will go down as a one-time "Programming" gamble and not repeated.

That must be why my cable bill went up. :lol:

I can't wait to see the 2012 Grey Cup buried on Rogers Sportsnet behind Poker. That'll show the company is scared poopless of the 100th and the CFL and Grey Cups to follow, and of course the Grey Cups now. I'm sure they thought the Argos would be dead by now because of the "massive success of the Bills in Toronto" series. Okey dokey Phil. Of course, I'll just be watching TSN but will be interested in how Sportsnet cowers to the corner, tail waggling behind and wimpering like a wounded coyote (not that I wish that for a true coyote just to mention). :cowboy: