Rogers Has Shills In The Toronto Media

Check out this article by Damien Cox in the Toronto Star.
Makes all kinds of comments and inuendos about the poplarity of the Bills in Toronot and how nobody cares about the Argos.
But gives no facts to back any of his comments up.
But surprise surprise.
Cox works for Rogers Sportsnet.
This is the problem the CFL faces in Toronto,
The question is does this league really need Toronto?
I frankly have had enough of them and their American wannabee media.
Here's the link

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... or maybe he just likes NFL football more?

Nah, cox is an idiot. Plain and simple. Dont take him seriously. Cox and Steve simmonds are both dummies.

Easily the two worst reporters in Canada. I don't remember the last time either of them said anything that made much sense.

Much as it doesn't paint a flattering picture about the Argos, I don't disagree with much of what he's written. Bills are doing well, which makes it easier to sell tickets. Duh. Argos are not, which makes it hard to sell tickets. Duh. Argos have a lot of work to do if they want to become relevant again. Duh. I don't get the sense that he's shilling for the Rogers or the NFL, just that he's getting paid to point out the obvious.

If the Bills were doing poorly while the Argos were not, but he still said that the Bills were the hot ticket, I might be inclined to think you have a point. Given that's not the case, I'm just going to sit here and roll my eyes at yet another one of your lame attempts to spin some sort of conspiracy yarn about the "Toronto media".

yes, it does.

i must say, when you first started posting, i found your posts refreshing.
now, not so much.
your bashing of toronto, ottawa, hamilton, etc. has become nauseating.

the league seems to be doing fine without Toronto doing well, and honestly, a lot of articles regarding the CFL in Toronto just bring it negative publicity.

the CFL needs 8 teams and ideally more, however, if the CFL had 8 teams and none of them were in Toronto, I think it would do just fine.

it's a big market but if it's a big market of non-fans it doesn't do any good.. if you have a lot of people and are still the 8th best supported team in an 8 team league (not sure if that's the case in all areas, but as far as ticket sales go, it is).. no, if there's somewhere else that can support a team better, and there very well could be at Toronto's current level of support.. it's not needed

but obviously it's much preferred to have a team in Toronto and to make it work.. hopefully that can happen

Just telling it as I sees it. You don’t have to agree but I have a right to my opinion. And so far I have no reason to change my opinion. opinion of your opinion cannot be made public in a family forum

...I agree with PiCat, everything Cox wrote in that article is absolutely true

Toronto Media does Bash the CFL and has for years, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?

Where's the 'Like" button when I really need it? Agree totally.

This is just another one of benji's whining about things he doesn't like no matter how true they are posts, much like his constant whining about Mark Cohon.

Rogers Corp. has lost there shirt on the Bills series. It is estimated that upwards of 20,000 seats where given away for each regular season game and more for the pre-season games, just to fill the place, and it still wasn't sold out. LOL ! Ya the No Fun League is huge in the T.

I know this for a fact, last years game a representative from Rogers came to my girlfriend work and gave her company 300 tickets, and they were good seats. We left at half time, BOOOOOOOOOORING !!! :thdn:

I know this for a fact, last years game a representative from Rogers came to my girlfriend work and gave her company 300 tickets, and they were good seats. We left at half time, BOOOOOOOOOORING !!!
Rogers is still giving away freebies to it's employees this year as well.. I know a few people who work there that received complimentary tix...I was asked to attend by one friend although declined.

Out of approx. 40-45,000 that go to the Bills games at the RC, I would surmise there may be 20-25,000 actual paying customers and how many paid full price is anyone's guess.

He's just like that EZ Football guy... he thrives on negative feedback and attention. His posts appear to be nothing more than a child screaming "Look at Me!"

Don't let him work you up, DG. He's not worth the effort.

The City of Toronto is a Joke when it comes to sports, it a bandwagon jumping town that thinks its a sports town just because of the Leafs, and if it wasn't for the lower bowl being bought by corporate that to would be half full !!!!!

...that would explain the block of seats, 4 rows high by 10 seats across, that were empty right behind the Toronto bench last Saturday on the opening game against the Habs...I thought 'wow, that is pretty weird and fairly disgraceful'....that is my opinion and you can't change it...

This is nothing more then a pro Sportsnet and everything Bills slant.
Some parts of the current Argos situation I do not disagree, but also an "honest journalist" does not chery pick in facts.
Conveniently leaving out how indeed the Rogers people have lost their shirt upwards of $10M per game and the freebies blatently given out.
Also, how due to embarrassment and presssure from the NFL, the requirement to change the ticket prices.
How about the previous years when the Bills were a joke on the field and no one paid to watch them here?

...^^ horse-hockey-pucks, the journalist didn't 'cherry' (<----note) pick the facts, in fact he even noted that a few years ago the whole Bills situation wasn't a threat at all to the Argos given how crappy they were...he wrote the article about the way things are TODAY, and pointed out how the Argos dropped the ball when they really had things going in their favour...

...what would adding those items that you have noted (which are true) done to change the fact about TODAY's situation?...methinks nothing...

Also, how due to embarrassment and presssure from the NFL, the requirement to change the ticket prices.
The NFL forced the BillsTO game ticket prices to be changed? In what manner? higher? lower? euros?