Rogers going out of there way not to cover GC shows they

Are in serious competition with TSN and take it personal. Not having 1 person or section dedicated to the CFL nevermind the Grey Cup shows they are little children trying to take their ball away from the big boyz and go home.

Its actually amusing. They over spent on the NHL deal and are suffering big time. The Blue Jays are there only importance and they will be horrible again. Its going to sting when Price shuns Rogers to go to the USA.

Rogers is 100% about Toronto GTA and them not covering the GC shows just that.

Its also a sign that nobody outside of Toronto might even use sportsnet as their main source for sports.

All in all Sportsnet is a real sad network and starting to think they are on their way down and out.

Huh? Arash Madani - with Travis Lulay as their guest commentator have been doing reports from Winnipeg all week.

And how often over the years have I heard TSN referred to as the Toronto Sports Network?

Sportsnet did a nice job on their coverage of the Vanier Cup today.

Thanks pat :slight_smile:

For those of us who watched the state of the league, Arash was present and did ask a question, so the bias, though present, is not neglectful