Rogers dumping Argos for grass!?

Interesting and noteworthy out of Toronto........

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A smaller place would be fantastic... I might even enjoy going to the games.... long time overdue!!! Good luck Argos

The Cats could get dumped by this too! I expect their tentative plans for 2013 would have included at least one "home" game (Labour Day), if not more, being played there.

There is zero chance this would be done in a year. First they have to find an engineering firm that will be willing to even look at this, they then have to apply for a building permit at which point the city's engineer will have to review the implications of how to deal with millions of gallons of grey waste water.. Your looking at a 2 to 3 year window from the point a decision was officially made by Rogers. You can't put a Greenhouse in your home without the city reviewing it much less turn a 60 000 seat stadium into a biodome.

Except that the Argos have nowhere to go! Do you think the city would contribute a dime to a money losing football team? and I'm certain Braley doesn't have money to build a stadium.

Too late for BMO Field, MLS is moving toward "Soccer" only stadiums with real grass. FC will NEVER allow a shared stadium. The league, fans, the owners and the teams want the fans right behind the goals like they are in all major soccer stadiums. Unless the Argos figure out how to put the end zone seats on rollers to roll them back for football and then play on real grass, the Argos won't have a home.

Shared stadium with the Ticats in Aldershot? too late.

mike, didn't Garber, commish of the MLS, recently state something along the lines that the newer model for some teams in the MLS is what Seattle does playing at the same stadium as the Seahawks, a larger stadium than the smaller soccer specific stadium model that was previously the only craze in the MLS?

Interesting that both the Sounders and Seahawks play on a grass field and have been able to work things out - but no, no, couldn't happen in Toronto for TFC fans. :wink:

Oops, sorry, Seattle's stadium is fieldturf, my bad, but reading they are looking into a grass field there, the possibility.

The city of Hamilton did.

Toronto's pro sports landscape is very interesting in how it's evolved, and continues to evolve, with the Argos seemingly off the radars of the major players.

Except that the city of Hamilton only funded a portion of the new stadium and Bob’s rent will be over $1.4 Million a year for 20 years, it was the the Ontario and Federal government that funded the bulk of it.
I don’t think the Feds or the Province would contribute another dime to a stadium in Toronto.

I think this is just another nail in the coffin for the Argos, I still think there is a strong possibility they will be gone in 2014.

For the Olympics they will I'm sure.

I didn't think Toronto would ever get Olympic games but it seems the Olympic committee has had a change of heart in regards to congested polluted cities as of late. Any city willing to pony up seems to work.

The cats should be paying rent anyways

This article in the Globe says it could happen as early as next season:

"Essentially, that would make Rogers Centre a baseball-only facility from April through October and force the Argos to look for a new home as early as next season."

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As stated in the other thread on the CFL board:

It says no where about RC becoming an open air stadium. It says they are installing the grass and making it a baseball only facility, for April to October or whatever.

It will not take 2-3 years for drawings.

Toronto was close to getting the games but when the IOC saw the protests they decided to look elsewhere.

But even if Toronto was awarded the Olympics, I'm sure the Argos wouldn't want to play in an 80,000 seat stadium, they need a 22,500 stadium.
The London Olympics is all about the Private Sector, billions paid for by the corporate sector. As for "polluted cities" they are taking a run down polluted area of NE London (Stratford) and turning it into a "green" modern state of the art area. Two of the local football teams are bidding to buy the Olympic stadium after the games - West Ham or Tottenham will use it as their home field.

The ARgos are in trouble when their lease expires. Where do they go in 2013 or will there be a deal to take up the grass for Argo games and lay down the field turf? Even if a billionaire came in and said he would build them a 22,000 football stadium, how could they build it in one year?

The Olympics are a long way off though. In the meantime, what they could do in Toronto, assuming they will get the Olympics which could happen, the PanAm Games are part of that trying to show and get some upgraded facilities and show the IOC they can do it, is do with the stadium like the swimming venue sort of thing if they are thinking of making the PanAm swimming facility larger for an Olympics, raising the roof. Meaning think of the site now for the stadium, build a 22000 seater or so for the Argos that is easily expandable to get up to 70-80 thousand for an Olympics. Maybe Downsview could be the place. Or somewhere in Mississauga/Oakville.

But who builds a 22,000 seats stadium in a year? and who pays for it?

That I don’t know unless it’s part of a loan sort of thing, Braley/CFL/city of Toronto takes out a loan and gets repaid back from the various levels of government IF Toronto gets the Olympics or from any development that occured with the stadium. Just musing here. Toronto will need a stadium if they are serious about the Olympics, and not a baseball stadium.

I'm surprised the Argos haven't spoken out about this yet. Maybe they don't see it as a problem.
As for the city or province giving them a loan? I just can't see taxpayers in Toronto putting up money for another stadium, it's just not going to happen especially in this climate. They are going to say. there is the Rogers Centre and BMO Field, make it work.

There is the trend to have sport specific stadiums and the Jays are adamant that the Rogers Centre should look more like a Baseball specific stadium. Will they renew with the Argos after 012 and try to accommodate them? would seem pretty expensive to do for only 9 Argo games a year.
It's too late for BMO Field and TFC will definitely not redesign for CFL football.

I heard an interview that the new Argo CEO did on the FAN and he was aware of what the Jays plans were. However, this was shortly after Beeston spoke about it during the public meeting with the season ticket holders.

I'm sure this plan has been in discussions for sometime, so why the Argos (as a tenant) would be newly aware of it surprises me, or maybe they were thinking in their own minds that it was not feasible.

If this football organization was in the loop regarding the changeover of turf at Skydome and didn't devise some kind of plan B, than this further demonstrates their incompetence. As such, if they should end up on the street, as a result, serves them right!!!

Maybe Bob will end up with another tenant at IWS. 9 Ticat games, up to 16 soccer games and another 9 Argo games?

Are you kidding me, of course Braley knows the score on the RC and the Jays, this is old news, it's been discussed the day the stadium opened in 1989 I think it was. What they say in papers is not relevant really.

There is a lot of things going on behind closed doors that will not make it to the public, as in most things. We don't know what all the plans are really, or no plans if you will.