ROGERS cuts Bills ticket prices by 51%

Already this year ROGERS have canceled 1 BILLS game this year and now for the 8th [and hopefully the final game] they are cutting all ticket prices by a whopping 51% :lol:

This article says that there where 51,000 people at the WASHINGTON @ BILLS in Toronto , game?

I have one dumb question?

If they had that many paying customers at that game then why would they need to cut ticket prices at all?

That makes 0 sense. :wink:

The NFL must be loving this.

I guess that they don't want to be compared to a SOLD OUT Grey cup full of actual PAYING customers when the Bills game happens 2 weeks after.? :roll:

Wow, you just don't hear this kind of stuff about NFL games, Phoenix in the NHL maybe but not the NFL in the US. Someone is eating crow inside Rogers, that's for sure.

As you wisely once told me.

Don't underestimate the power of ego. I guess in this case EGO trumps brains. :lol:

David Pratt's comments this morning on CKNW echoed the original poster's post. DOn't think they will be renewing that contract any time soon.

I was curious about what he had to say so I googled the pod cast. It was bang on. I wonder if any reporter in Toronto has the guts to say that on air.

With David Pratt - the NFL never belonged in Canada

WOW! fantastic. Thanks for this. :thup: :lol:

And to answer your question. Sadly NO. :roll: :thdn:

Still , some people still believe that a NFL team is coming to Canada even though 100% of the evidence proves other wise. :roll:

Some people don't even believe what the NFL Commish. , has said himself. I guess that these people know something that the NFL Commish. , does not. :lol: :roll:

If Toronto ever does build an NFL type stadium, they very well could get a team, or by then some European high level soccer team. But that is quite a ways down the road and I personally think that would only happen with them getting an Olympics if they do indeed want to try once again. Long ways away though. In the meantime in Buffalo as I've said, you've got a huge reno that seems will happen with a long term lease. Not everyone out there knows the score on things and as we know, some just think that because the NFL would rather have a team in Toronto than Buffalo, which I agree is the case, that therefore the NFL will put a team in Toronto even if Buffalo has one. That is incorrect thinking no question.

The only thing is the NFL has to want a NFL team in , Toronto. They do look at things like T.V. ratings and attendances in every market not just in football but in other sports , as well. Toronto , is just not a great football market by NFL standards. They don't support The Jays any more and they don't support their own pro football team in great numbers. The NFL has a good thing in Buffalo , which ROGERS paid for to help. :roll: If anything , SOCCER is the future of sports in Canada , sadly for us. :frowning:

Don't you think that if the NFL wanted a team in Toronto , they would already be there?
The NFL is pretty good at getting what it wants.
I have heard the NFL in Toronto talk for 30 years now. :roll:
The NFL missed it's chance in the late 1970s and then again the the early 1990s when the CFL was in big trouble every where and the BILLS were all the rage in Toronto and Hamilton [the Bills Superbowl run]. Southern Ontario , fans look like band wagon fans to the NFL.
Not only that but Toronto , is really a hockey town still for reasons that defy any logic... :lol:

sadargo fan, come on, Toronto or Buffalo? You know the NFL would rather be in Toronto than Buffalo but that being said, they do respect history and tradition and Ralph Wilson, the CFL as well etc. There are a lot of factors. Buffalo is no where near the image type of city that the NFL wants compared with Toronto, nor is it as large, not nearly as cosmopolitan. Don't get me wrong, Buffalo is nice but it's just a slightly larger version of Hamilton really in terms of it's image and business interests. Neither can compete with Toronto in that respect.

Also in some ways I'd love for Toronto to get a real nice expensive huge football stadium and an NFL team to elevate the sport even higher in Canada. Sounds weird doesn't it but I want football to succeed in Toronto and getting the most popular football league in the world to Toronto would be great. I think the CFL can do quite well with this and feed off of this even if it might mean no team in Toronto. Last thing I want is for Toronto to build a nice baseball stadium and no nice football stadium. Of course it would be great if the Argos could be that team in a close to half a billion dollars or more stadium but I don't think that can happen.

If the CHL can be successful with poorly attended teams in the Toronto area that few care about, the CFL can succeed as well.

Maybe the CFL could try and purchase the Bills when they go on sale if the renos and lease don't work out in Buffalo and move them to Toronto. Sounds like a weird idea and I dont think it will happen but it could have some merit. Call me crazy, I know. :wink: Using the Bills and NFL to help promote the CFL and all of football in Canada is an idea and having control over this, the NFL in Canada, would be interesting even though I know many will say my logic is all messed up.

Earl wrote: Sounds weird doesn't it but I want football to succeed in Toronto and getting the most popular football league in the world to Toronto would be great. I think the CFL can do quite well with this and feed off of this even if it might mean no team in Toronto.
While I admire your quest to enhance football in Canada, I fail to comprehend the logic how placing an NFL team in Toronto would help the CFL if it means no more Argos.

IMO, the CFL in Canada (especially southern Ontario) would be relegated even further down the football chain of popularity, with Montreal and Vancouver likely clamoring for additional NFL franchises as well.

The CFL may be best served maintaining the border restrictions between the two leagues.

tangle, I guess my main point was if the NFL was going to be in Toronto, and this would really only happen if the Bills stadium renos didn't go through with a long term lease once Ralph Wilson passes on and the team is up for sale as is rumoured the case, then the CFL may as well be the one owning the team there if there was the money available which is another issue of course. Rather than say someone like Rogers owning the team. That's all.

But this is really a moot point as I'm sure the Bills will be in Buffalo for a very long time.

Interesting company Rogers is. Now they are fighting a legal battle over whether it's fine to lie to their customers or not.

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Adds on local radio say that 60% of the available tickets for the Bills game will be under $100. (as low as $48). Epric fail Rogers!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

With the NHL lockout and drop of ticket prices I wouldn't be surprised to see Rogers Centre sell out this time for real to see the Bills, they are having a decent year, and there's not much to see in sports that time of year unless your into Raptors Basketball. With the drop of ticket prices it's still a failure, but do expect NFL fans to show up this time.

Well, on a related note the Bills might move to Hamilton. :smiley:

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Bills to Hamilton? and the NFL says Rogers Centre is too small haha

What's 51% of a flood of freebies?

about 20% more than the Argos pull in ... :lol:

The NFL experiment of playing a game or two a year in Toronto did not work out as well as they had hoped. LA is the place that is the primary target for two NFL teams in the Corporate suite ERA. The Bills will certainly be on that list of teams that may be moved. the NFL has simply outgrown having a team in Buffalo, who are having problems selling the corporate suites and Toronto is the Biggest City near Buffalo in which to sell suites to the Corporate headquarters that are in one of the largest Metro Cities in North America. The NFL also wants a new stadium in Buffalo but without the sale of corporate suites it will still not work. I hated when the NFL began moving teams starting with the Colts sneaking out of Baltimore in the middle of the night but now it is something that everyone is getting used to. The regular hard working football fan will be the ones who lose out in Buffalo, which is the biggest and saddest part.