Rogers Conspiracy

The stuff coming out of the Rogers own/operated media stations ,regarding all the conspiracy theories is getting out of hand. The league needs to step in and address them and even threaten legal action. There attacking the creditability of the league. it is unprecedented that media reporters would openly claim with no proof that the CFL,the Argos and the Ref's conspired to ensure the Argos would make it to the Grey Cup. The league needs to start fighting back. In T.O now, even the non football fan is asking if it's true the league has fixed the Grey Cup for the Argos!!!! No other league has to put up with this stuff

Good question but it wont stop, the CFL tried expanding south to have more teams and the interest of playing American teams but the towanto media found a way to bash.

Any one with any common sense knows that if games are to be fixed then people need to be paid off to make that happen. a league with a 4 million dollar salary cap and just now replacing stadiums that were built before WWII does not have the resources to fix anything.
Soon that cap will get up to a reasonable amount and the stadiums will be built but still not enough to pay anyone to throw a game.

It's actually easier to bribe players in lower paying leagues. Look at the CSL.

The Toronto media thinks much too much of itself, like it's the centre of the universe or something...Wait! Where did I hear that before?

Torontonians are lame for bashing the Argos while cheering for a foreign football team, in a foreign league, in a foreign country. Opps, was that politically incorrect? Aw darn!

An aspiring city that just isn't comfortable with itself...And I'm an Argo fan.

Anyone with any brains knows that a competitor will do just that. Really, does anyone take Rogers seriously especially a mouthpiece like a Phil Lind and his sort? No, just like they shouldn't take anything that Bell Globemedia says about the Blue Jays sort of thing.

It all makes for good chit chat, get people talking including people that don't know what the Grey Cup is. It's all good, and actually quite funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

True that was the case when the four main Major league sports NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB players were getting under paid while the owners were cleaning up. But although the CFL has made tremendous strides the past several years there are no owners that are cleaning up financially in the CFL for players to revolt. The players know the CFL does not have a boat load of money and the owners are all hording it but rather that it is a league that is climbing again and the players are getting paid a fair wage with the revenue that the CFL brings in


Where are you getting all this from? Can you provide a link?

I second this.

Impossible. In football you would need far too many players involved (and on all the teams) for it to be successful and that would be cost prohibitive. It would be far cheaper to buy the officials, but that's impossible as well. They blow the call so often bribing the officials might back fire and have them inadvertently, in an attempt to fix the game, make the correct call. Hhhhmmmmmm? Maybe this isn't a bad idea after all. :wink:

It just might have something to do with the Argos getting the best QB in the league for what amounted to nothing and then the Edm. GM who orchestrated the trade or giveaway, gets fired. This, after months of rumour that he would end up as GM of those same Argos. Now I'm no conspiracy guy, but if it looks like dog shit and it smells like dog shit, well....

Tillman got a draft pick along with Jyles and Shaw and if the Eskies won, would have looked like a genious, especially if the Argos tanked and missed the playoffs. It was a calculated risk, Tillman lost the bet, but I've bet on far fewer odds than what could have happened in my first sentence.

My guess is Tillman knew he was a gonzo for other reasons ie. not living in Edmonton for one and had to go out on a limb for something and the Ray thingy was a perfect scenario for him to gamble and win, which he didn't as it turned out. Hardly a conspiracy, I'm sure there are more "conspiracies" out there in the sports world if you look for them in the past that are much worse looking than this one.

If that's the conspiracy why did the Esks fire Tillman? If the Esks were in on the conspiracy why wouldn't they just sweep this under the carpet rather than fire their GM?

It was also reported that Tillman was close to trading Ricky Ray to Hamilton the year before. Was that a conspiracy too?

The Esks got fair value back for Ray, who was the highest paid player in the league. The Argos traded their starting QB (whose 2012 salary was already half paid by an Argo signing bonus), a 1st round draft pick, a Canadian kicker and another player, I believe.

This is just a case of Rogers, envious of the success of the Argos Grey Cup and embarrassed by the dismal failure of their Bills in Toronto series, throwing some poop against the fan and hoping some will stick.

People forget that Tillman did the exact same thing when he traded Kerry Joseph to Toronto right after his MOP year. That one worked, and this one didn't. It's not a conspiracy, it's a high-risk strategy that backfired.

The idea of a Rogers conspiracy is also silly.. given how many people around here also thought there was some kind of conspiracy, the media is entirely justified to talk about it.

Hey, at least some people at Rogers are following the CFL and actually know what "Grey Cup" means, who would have thought? :wink: :thup:

There was a story in the G&M this morning suggesting that The SCore (now Rogers owned) might want a weekly CFL game for their network in the new TV deal. That’d be an obvious way to get better coverage from Rogres: give them a stake in the property.

I used to like The Score's CFL weekly wrapup show when Duane Forde was hosting it. Mind you, that was before we got all the great coverage TSN provides but still, it had a nice flavour to it as I remember.

Kind of like marrying your pretty daughter to the ugly prince so she can become a Queen LOL !

I wasn't a fan. Forde is not suited for television. He's a better fit for radio.