Rogers CFL contest

Knowing that Rogers wants to put a NFL team in Toronto and us all being against that. What would you do if you won a prize in their CFL contest? Would you take the prize and be a hypocrite or tell them to shove it?

I'd take the prize.

And then burn it? :wink:

Acepting the prize would not make you a hypocrate any more than going to see the Agros at the Rogers centre makes Argos fans hypocrates.

They sponcer the CFL and they have the right to sponcer/own an NFL team as well.

You have the right not to support them with the NFL

Well said ro.

That being said, we can still say we don't like certain persons or person who is paid by Rogers. :wink:

I would certainly keep the prize.

Anyone know where Rogers is ranked in the list of CFL sponsors? I mean do they contribute the most, the least, or somewhere in between.

With some people talking about boycotting Rogers, I just can't see cancelling my Rogers cell phone while they are supporting the league.

And I can’t see you canceling with their crappy early termination fees! Man do I ever hate the business model cell phone companies use :s

Well, there's something to be said for living a somewhat reclusive existence with no close friends, just me and the wife and 5 cats - you don't have to worry about stuff like having cell phones. 8)

To me it looks like their shaking the CFLs hand with one hand and the other hand is stabbing them in the back. Im going to tell them to keep their prize.