Rogers Centre

What ever happened to all the grand plans of a 30k stadium at Varsity then York?

Are these no longer feasible?

BMO surely can't be the only option?

This thread helps explain why Cynnamon and Sokolowski have always wanted out of there. I've wondered about that.
Is the Toronto FC field too small?
Lazy secutirity tries to prevent everything rather than responding to actual problems i think.
Everybody knows Roger's hates Canadian Pro Football.
Calling on all CFL fans to change their phones and cable to anybody but Roger's! Boycot the evil! Stop them from Rogering Canadians any longer!

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At my family’s Boxing Day get together I convinced my sister to switch from Rogers for her cell phone service once her plan is up.

Now if we can get everyone else to do the same. Funny how Rogers depended on protection from foreign competition, now they want to bring in foreign competition. :expressionless:

Where were you sitting? I was at the game, in section 132 (behind the visiting team bench)... having to put up with 2 very drunk (possibly underage) and obnoxious ti-cats fans that did deserve to be tossed however security was busy bothering you...