Rogers Centre

I made the trip down from the Hammer to watch my Ti-Cats. I was very disappointed with the Rogers Centre. First i couldn't wave my flag that i brought into the game. Security made me check it in at customer service. Then when Hamilton scored there first TOUCH DOWN I started blowing my horn, Security came over and wanted to throw me out, If it wasn't for some Argo fans standing up for me i was going to be thrown out, Security confiscated my horn. Several fans voiced their displeasure. Thanks Argo Fans for that!!

I cant believe that visiting teams coming in Rogers Centre are under so much scrutiny. It was really too bad that being at a sporting event and trying to cheer your team on was so wrong. It took all the FUN out of it !!

This made for a really bad experience and I would not return because of it. Its too bad that Rogers Centre is like this.

No wonder everyone hates T.O.

What a bunch of jerks. Toronto, listen up. Screw the frickin Rogers center, it's the worst possible place to play football and by the sounds of thing's the security guys are a bunch of tool's. You need a stadium like every other stadium that get's very loud and allows you to hang flags and blow those horns. No wonder it always sounds quiet there, my thanks too to Argo fans for sticking up for what is right even though you were defending a rival fan, you've got my respect. :thup:

Here are excerpted lyrics to a song that might well be used in dedication of such miserable drones...

Bell Boy (by The Who)

I've got a good job
And I'm newly born.
You should see me dressed up in my uniform.
I work in hotel, all gilt and flash.
Remember the gaff where the doors we smashed?

Bell Boy! I got to get running now.
Bell Boy! Keep my lip buttoned down.
Bell Boy! Carry this baggage out.
Bell Boy! Always running at someone's bleedin' heel.
You know how I feel, always running at someone's heel.

Some nights I still sleep on the beach.
Remember when stars were in reach.
I wander in early to work,
Spend my day licking boots for my perks.

The secret to me
Isn't flown like a flag
I carry it behind
This bleedin little badge
What says...

Bell Boy!
I gotta get running now.
Keep my lip buttoned down.
Carry this baggage out.
Always running at someones heel.
You know how I feel, always running at someones heel.

Its probably because Rogers will do whatever they can to kill the CFL…I wish they still had the old Exhibition Stadium, perfect CFL stadium, Ill bet it would rock for Argo games

Yeah that’s what I’ve heard from every Argo fan i’ve talked too. With Roger’s Center their concerns are 80% MLB 15% NFL 5% CFL and it really shows. The Argo’s have to move outta there.

They have a new security service this year. Nothing but bad news with them

The only time I will visit the Rogers Centre for sports will be for a Grey Cup, that's it. The Argos need their own stadium and get out of there and the Bills is worse with the small field it looks like a postage stamp in there, horrible. Baseball which is what it was designed for seating wise is better I suppose but still not what you'd call a friendly atmosphere. No wonder Rogers got the stadium for a song, it's not very good for any sport or league. I know the NFL doesn't like the stadium from what I've heard.

It was build for baseball, I too was at the game and the secruity tried it’s best to kill the atmosphere. I would love to see the ARGOs in BMO Field when they get Grass put in.

Why would they confiscate flags? Or horns for that matter?

Not so much the flag but what it is attached too. They made me take my flag off the dowel that I had it attached too a few years ago.

This kind of crap has been going on since the Skydump was built. I've witnessed dozens of incidents with the power tripping security. Ivor Wynne is a hundred times better, Don't see police or security til they're needed and they allow you to cheer and have a good time. I wish the Argos would move out, maybe I would go to more games.

Friggin' right. I hate the Rogers Center with a passion. Security are a bunch of retards who wish they were cops or something. The atmosphere is non-existent & it just isn't a good setup for watching a CFL game.

Argos brass, if you are reading this: Please please please move the Argos. Go anywhere... BMO, a university, a high school field. I don't care. Just get out of Rogers! Rogers wants the NFL in town more than it wants the CFL... & we all know that is bad news! Get away from those guys!

If the Argos move I WILL buy seasons tickets.

I hope so too Satan but do the Argos have any viable place to go to? :?

They can play at my house. I have a pretty big yard. I'll set up some lawn chairs, fill up the coolers with Bud & throw on some hot dogs. It'll be friggin' sweet. Also, I have 2 sheds, so each team even gets a locker shed! The cheerleaders will have to get changed in my bedroom though. :twisted:

Sounds like Rogers Centre is more like in Nazi occupied territory, with the SS Gestapo running the security there!

Don't visiting teams call the Rogers Centre "The Gallery" based on how quiet it is? I've heard that before. But maybe that was more for baseball?

You guys are right though. Security can really set the tone and atmosphere for any event. I worked in event security for a few years when things were rough back in day; and yes you do get a lot of knuckledragging wannabee's in that field unfortunately.

Skydome has always been an unpleasant stadium to see a football game. Cavernous, predominately unpassionate fans sitting on their hands. Nothing like Ivor Wynne or BC Place that is for sure. Exhibition stadium was much better, loud roaring fans up in the cheapie seats...just loving the game.

Actually as far as Hamilton goes, I've been told to keep quiet at Bulldogs games in the past and my buddy was once told "sit the fuck down!" by security there. So I think it depends more on the venue and the designated security than the actual club itself.

That being said, teams need to make sure that their fans are getting the full experience when they go to a game.

I would be in support of the Argos playing at BMO. I mean, part of what is hurting the Argos franchise has to be having to rent out the Roger's Center. The only time it is ever going to sell out, would be for a Grey Cup game. It has stuck up security, a abundantly too large concession area and I can't stand some games, they have the dirt from the baseball bases, still on the field.

The Argos should go to BMO, as it would reduce their overhead, be a much better atmosphere. Also the fact that they are switching to a grass field apparently is an even bigger bonus. I love going to muddy football games, makes for more turnovers and more excitement.

Get out of the Roger's Center, save for Grey Cup games.

Not sure how they would benefit.... they still have to pay rent, they don't get concession revenue, they'll reduce attendance by 6 -7 thousand per game, have to raise ticket prices for the remaining fans. They also have to pay for the field repair after each game... Seems to be a formula for losing money to me.

I agree the atmosphere would be better but how does that translate to increased revenue? Building the fan base?

There is only one solution to the Argo/TiCat financial issue...

Sell the name to the Grey Cup. The Google Grey Cup. The CN Grey Cup. The BlackBerry Grey Cup. Could bring in $10M. Give what is needed so the Argos and the Ticats can break even. After that give the remainder to the rest of the teams.

I believe the Argos are rent free at the SkyDome now, but don't get anything from the consessions. Maybe Rogers are making noises about charging rent again which would really hurt the bottom line for the Argos. There has to be something going on for this to come up all of a sudden.