Rogers Centre...sold out?


Just looking to get tickets for the ticat argo game at Rogers centre of Thursday, and i think the game might be sold out...i know they've closed the 500 level this year, but is there legit no tickets left to this game?

8) I heard Pinball doing a commercial on the radio yesterday for the game and he stated that there are only a few tickets left !!!!
 Whether that is true or not is another question !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I heard one of the bigwigs from the Argos on The FAN one day stating that, by closing the 500 level and scaling the stadium down to the size of other CFL facilities, they expect to make it a hard ticket to get. The idea being that nothing motivates future ticket buyers more than being SOL.

It could work - the sports media regularly reports in glowing terms about Montreal and its sellouts, while the Argos sell thousands more tickets and are considered a failure.

So what would be a sellout for the T.O game with the 500 level closed?

35 000?

38, 000 is a sell out. So they have sold 34, 000 seats. Glad i got my seats.

thats a really good crowd for T.O. Im very surprised. I wonder if they gave out a lot of tickets.

Toronto usually doesn`t get these kind of crowds.

The "new" figure for a sell out is 31,074. There will be no tickets available in the 500 level.

As of broadcast time Friday there were fewer that 3,000 left. I don't know how weekend sales went.

You're right. The idea is to create a "buzz" around ticket availability a la Montreal. That may help during next year's season-ticket drive.

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