Rogers Centre Security is one of the reasons Attend. is low

Rogers Centre Security's Heavy handed approach of dealing with fans has driven away many CFL Fans at SkyDump ! It's not the only reason but it's one of the contributing factors :x

That is an Novel excuse for fan apathy.

People have given up trying to justify going there, once you lose that you have lost everything :cry: It’s just not worth going there anymore, they have ruined it and will never get it back !!

I'd be interested to hear the details to support your view. After all, you felt strongly enough to start a thread about it - the least you could do is indulge us with some facts.

Even more interested to know if there is even one other person out there who agrees with you.

Security? Are we talking too much or too little? I've now gone three times now, and I certainly haven't found a problem. They're not intrusive and intervene in a timely fashion when there is a rare instance of a problem.

  1. How many games have you attended at Rogers Centre?

  2. On what is your comment based?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I don't know about other stadiums, but the fact that we can not even bring our own water into bc place is enough to keep me away. That would be my beef re security.

tc23 has posted the same comments in other threads here and also on the Ti-Cats chat boards. I've been to EVERY Ti-Cats game in Toronto for the last ten years at least (probably closer to 20 years) - usually dressed in Ti-Cats apparel and I have never had an issue with security nor have I witnessed anything I would consider inappropriate actions by Rogers Centre Security at any Ti-Cats game or any of the literally hundreds of other games and concerts I've attended there.

This was 6 years ago... But I imagine things have not gotten better.

It is true. They are bad. The last game I attended, they were getting on us for having our feet up on the empty seats in front of us. If no one is there, why bother us?

people constantly putting their feet on and against seats will eventually cause damage.

If the seat can handle a fat ass and fat backs, they can handle feet rested upon the back rest.

well, its built for one, not the other. I am guessing pressure points would be different.

otoh, what do I know about such engineering. It was just a thought.

I wrote about the power tripping security at the Dump many years ago on this very forum. I'm not going to repeat the many instances I've witnessed there. I had season's tickets for 3 years. Don't cheer too hard ! You might get a warning... Maybe they've toned down because when I attended the 100th GC, the security wouldn't eject 2 fans who were intentionally blocking the view of dozens of people and refused to sit down. One was an Al's fan who I came close to smacking and the other worse offender was an Argo fan who is a member of this forum.

ThomasE wrote: quote
I can tell you that Rogers security is exactly the reason I no longer attend games in Toronto.
When people get kicked out for cheering too loud, or taking photos, or having peanuts thrown at them, or even just talking to the person beside them.
Oh, by the way, all those kicked out were TiCat fans.
This happened at a game I attended last year. These were my personal observations. quote

Thomas, get this, I bring in a flag pole, they let me in through the gate, security looks at it and says it's fine, I get to my seat and with in 5 min of waving it security wants to confiscate it and kick me out, the reason, it was 5 feet long, it can only be 4 feet long, if it wasn't for the mob of Argo/Ticats fans that stood up for me and said leave him alone !! I would have been gone !!

But they look the other way when Some Argo fans have flag poles, there is no consistency and no discretion on the part of Security, and this isn't the first time I have experienced this

I have had season tickets with the Argos the past 8 years, this year I cancelled them because what Thomas stated above ! this year I said I would attend just the Ticats Games at SkyDump, WELL this was my last game there

Awesome experience again :roll: Good Bye SkyDump ! Another 2 fans gone, and they wonder why nobody goes :roll:

I know many people including myself who refuse to go to the Dump and one of the major reasons is the Ahole security. I don’t care what others say, you are right on :thup:

I think the problem with Security at SkyDump is a lack of training and experience, they do 81 Blue Jays games where the Toronto fans sit on there hands ! when a Hamilton Football Crowd comes in making noise and bringing Ticats paraphernalia, They are OVERWHELMED ! They don’t know how to react with some Tactical Communication. They just can’t handle it and they call Toronto a BIG City :lol: It’s a JOKE !

I'm going to go out of a limb here, and suggest, perhaps people complain to the Argo's or the Rogers' Centre directly about their treatment by security.

We went through this last year, numerous Ticats Fans got thrown out and numerous emails were sent and nothing happened or came of it :thdn: The Argos/Rogers failed to address the situation, now it is out of hand ! :thdn:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s probably your fault…