Rogers Centre replacing retractable roof

I see that this is in the plans and other renos. Not sure how much the word 'much' really applies? Not much in the news about this, saw this on Field of Schemes and the link to the original Sportsnet article doesn't work. I wonder if Rogers will be looking for public funds for some of these upgrades?:

The retractable roof [b]must[/b] also be replaced in the coming years, along with other less exciting upkeep tasks for a stadium that first opened in 1989, which is why [team president and CEO Mark] Shapiro insists the entire project must be viewed holistically.

The Blue Jays have hired a design firm and at this point, “what we do have is themes that through focus groups and through research and through industry trends and analysis provided clear ideas of what we would be looking to achieve in a re-envisioning – and I call it a re-envisioning rather than a renovation – of the stadium.?

“No. 1,? Shapiro continued, “would be to turn the stadium into a ballpark. Very simply that would be a top priority for us, which means (providing) a modern ballpark experience for our fans.

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The SkyDome is privately owned by Rogers and so they won't be asking for public funds.

IMO, they need to rip out the entire lower bowl seating, and redo them with newer seats on a better viewing angle and a steeper grade, if possible. Replace all other seats that are more than 3 years old. Replace the roof. Replace jumbotron with an HD jumbotron ( Cleveland's beats the he'll out of Toronto's)
That's it.

A steeper grade would be better for football but not for baseball, where a shallow pitch at field level is generally preferred. I don't think Rogers expects to have any more football played in there, so can't see them doing anything to the seating infrastructure (apart from maybe replacing old seats).

The shallow pitch at field level is terrible. Can barley see over the person in front of you, and if someone 10 rows ahead of you stands up, you can't see through them. It's really bad to be in the 100 level unless in the front row. It's not like that in the other ballparks I've been to.

How many baseball stadiums have you been to? Because I think this type of pitch is fairly common in ballparks. It is terrible for football, especially because players and coaches stand on the sidelines, but seems to work fine for baseball. For one thing, ushers at baseball games hold fans back from returning to seats until an inning ends or there's a break of some sort, like a pitching change.

Other than SkyDome, I've been to Comerica park ( Detroit ), Progressive field ( Cleveland ) and US Cellular field ( Chicago ), and they all have a better view from the lower level.

They are not as steep as most CFL stadiums, but there is a noticeable difference from the Dome.

Sounds like Rogers is sort of in a situation like Hamilton with Copps, er First Ontario Centre, how much do you put into a facility that needs a lot of upgrading? In Hamilton's case, even the CHL said the arena, despite it's large capacity for the CHL at 17,000, didn't award the Memorial Cup to Hamilton due to in part they mentioned the arena wasn't up to par with other arenas with much smaller seating capacity ie. corporate boxes and lounges and media facilities and dressing rooms I think they mentioned.

But the key with Rogers Centre is that the main sports team, er only sports team now, the Jays are drawing very well there so no real motivation for a new ball park as much as I know a lot of real die-hard Jays fans would like to get out of the old cereal bowl design of multipurpose yesteryear stadiums. Hamilton with the OHL Bulldogs don't draw that well and has different issues with an arena that the CHL doesn't want to place their premier event in.

Interesting. I’ve been to Detroit and Cleveland but didn’t notice that. Regardless, I can’t see them changing the 100-level seating as it would likely be a massive, very expensive undertaking – they’d have to dig down without reducing the size of the playing surface.

i just bought some lower bowl tickets to see the Jays in Minnesota sept 14-15. i'll be able to compare target field to skydome soon enough.

Not that I am not glad to get out of this horrible dome, whatever became of that alleged natural grass nonsense
with the requirement for the Argos to get out?

They did the CFL/Argos a favor even if it was B.S . It's just too bad Braley was not being honest with building his own stadium . With the subway now right at York it would have been the best place and there was money there for the asking as York stadium could have used a legacy tenant for the Pan Ams . A nice 25,000 seater would have been great with tail gating and a subway for those few wanting to go north to see the Argos from downtown.
A missed opportunity to have a place to themselves . BMO is great though and I doubt a roof would have made it's way to York so the second option is a great runner up prize . They should have left the dome 10 years ago it might have made a difference for the season ticket holders and walk ups they get now .

The CFL should have bought the Skydome for 25 million. Could of moved the CFL offices, Argo offices. officials, TSN CFL studio plus the CFL hall into it and rented out the space throughout the year for different events.

Don't worry about the Jays, they could play on the road.

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