Rogers Centre or BMO?

Now that the Argos are playing in BMO and I have been to a few games at BMO. I have to say that I kinda miss Rogers Centre. That is, I miss it come the colder weather.

BMO is a great place to watch the game. But being the total cold weather wimp I am, I would like to see the cold weather games back at the Rogers Centre.

And I do miss the proximity of the local pubs to the Rogers Centre.

Other then that BMO is great…

What does everyone else think?

Never been to BMO but on television at least, regardless of the amount of fans, BMO comes across more aesthetically pleasing to the eye as a football stadium rather than the RC that looked like some mish-mash of a baseball/football stadium that just looked sort of weird to me for football.

I HATED watching football at the dome. I went 3 times and, every time, the view was horrible.

There's a ton of bars/pubs/restaurants in Liberty Village, right next to BMO.

For a football experience BMO is by far a better venue.

The only thing Rogers Centre has over BMO…and not by much…is location.More direct lines from the GO and Subway.

If they could swap land, it would be the best of both worlds but BMO is still very easy to get to transit-wise.

BMO- great sightlines, seats are wide enough, 2nd level still close to field. I like everything about it.

SKYDUMP- terrible venue for anything. I’ve sat everywhere for football and concerts. One uncomfortable place.

If you can’t handle the cold, stay home. I know it’s getting harder for me to sit out in the cold and damp. I guess I’ve become a fair weather football fan.

The last thing I am is a weather wimp. As a Canadian I pride myself in being impervious to cold. So BMO is just fine with me from that standpoint.

What incenses me is that BMO has truncated as opposed to regulation size end zones, and the playing surface morphs from natural grass to artificial turf in the end zones thus causing footing problems for the players.


Even my dog is smart enough to come in outta the cold.

Big deal. It’s not your dog’s intelligence that I’ve had to question on more than one occasion.


In BMO’s case it looks like the heat especially the sun soaked side is more the problem than the cold in October or November .

In the case of where the sun sets it can be a scorcher in the baking sun especially this year .

Putting on warm clothes and being under cover for the rain or snow doesn’t make it that bad if you plan your day well at BMO . Rogers of course is more comfortable but seating for 50,000 and getting 12,000 at a game is quite the negative feeling at a Pro event .

The Argos have a much easier goal for success at BMO if they can get the team up to 25,000 at some point of time in the future . The stadium feel will be night and day better both watching on TV and in person .

25 at Rogers would still look bad .

There really hasn’t been a bad weather game at BMO yet. Even the ones in the fall.

Eastern final last year was obviously the most chilly but they gave stadium blankets for season ticket holders as the ST gift…I think we already misplaced ours.

I hear more complaints in the summer with the sun beating down of the lower east side which doesn’t get shade.

I didn’t mind my season tickets at Skydome, but will admit that BMO isn’t a bad place to go to the game, for most months of the season. Coupled with natural grass and no advertising (#BeThere) it does look pretty aestheticallypleasing. There is/was cheaper parking at the Esplanade off Yonge st, but BMO does allow you to take the Go-Train from Durham region (and elsewhere) and get right off at Exhibition, which is what I do now.

No comparison between the two venues. I had season seasons for 3 different venues, the Ex, Skydome and BMO and BMO is far and away the best of the 3. Better sightlines, better atmosphere, grass field, tailgating at the venue. What else could we ask for?

What makes you think I was talking to you ? Oh, I know, your grandiosity. Take a midol.

Both are ridiculous, really.

One is one of those hybrid Baseball/Football stadia that was all the rage back in the 70s. The other doesn’t have enough room for the end zones.

Also tons of parking at BMO. Parking around the stadium, underground at the convention centre, a huge lot at Ontario Place. Private parking lots around Liberty Village.
Much easier access if you are driving in from the burbs, the highway runs close to the stadium.

Make this into a poll (:

Personally I do miss watching games at Skydome.
It trapped noise much more efficiently and it felt as though there were way more amenities.
Not unhappy about bmo, but do wish we could have made Skydome into our home

But the Skydome, er RC, is the home of the Blue Jays and was built more with baseball in mind as per the seating configuration and sightlines.

While the Argos remain secondary tenants in their new home as well, at least it is a football stadium first and foremost.

It may end up if the Argos are going to survive in Toronto, which I’m sure some doubt will be the case, they will need to be primary tenants at whatever stadium to garner the respect they deserve, and need.


Easier GO Access, better atmosphere and view, has Taco FC, seats are less cramped, Football is better outdoors and even better on real grass.

The same highway runs right past Rogers Centre as well.