Rogers Centre Game Day Experience

For those of you who didn't go to the game, from a Cats fan's perspective you missed a great game. I haven't seen them play that well in a few years. However, apart from the game, the Argos put on 3rd rate pre-game and half-time shows and sad tributes as well. Apparently, there was a tribute to Damon Allen and Joe Kroll before the game but the stands must've been pretty empty for that because we arrived just before the kickoff and the stands were only 1/2 full--a pretty sad tribute. The anthem was played by a small drum and bugle band made up largely of seniors. My wife still isn't sure that what they played was the Canadian anthem. The 1/2 time show was a joke--a pizza twirler and the same drum and bugle band stumbling through a couple more tunes. There was a during-game tribute to the Argo's recently deceased announcer which consisted of the current announcer asking the crowd to stand and give a cheer--what the h*ll kind of tribute is that?

ALl in all, for a home opener it was pathetic.

An Argo-Cat fan

That was my first Ticat away game.

My main problem, as I said in the Argo forum, was that it seemed there were only about two replays the entire game. At Ivor Wynne, we get them almost every play, but it seemed pretty inconsistent in Toronto.

The national anthem was poorly rendered.

I thought the atmosphere was great.

When I heard that the 500 level was going to be closed I was skeptical, but keeping all the fans together on the lower levels actually worked and made for better ambiance.

I really don't care about half time shows anyway, and the entertainment provided was satisfactory.

Kudos to anybody who went down to TO you guys get the fan of the week award for being HARDCORE! beats the bus gus!

Game day experience doesn’t even come close to what we enjoy @ Ivor Wynne.

Agreed .. But win is win no matter if it IWS or Else Where in the CFL

Sky Dump is horrible.

The fans are more concerned about being seen on the Jumbo Tron rather then watching the actual game. If you get seats too close you can;t see very well cause the cheerleaders block your view.

But last night it was great seeing the Argo fans going home early.

that was treat was it not :slight_smile:

its been so long since I have been so happy after watching a ti cat game!!! that sure was a treat!

I find it hilarious how the fans actually cheered louder when they were giving out t-shirts than when our offense was on the field. Typical Toronto.

Cheerleaders, eh. If your view is going to blocked, I guess there's a lot worse things that could be blocking it. :wink:

The rogers centre makes you feel like you are in a big hole because you are really are. They planned digging it deeper to add more seats for the NFL maybe. I chose to stay home and listen to it on the radio and burn it on dvd where on tsn you can see everything better then sitting there! I can watch that game as much as I want now! Been there a very alot and there and Montreals Olympic stadium are the worst in the whole leaque. BC runs third! :wink:

I have to disagree with most of you. Pre-Game atmosphere outside the stadium to me was far better than what we have. There were bands, a licensed tailgate party (do we still have one??), clowns, activities for kids. There was a buzz outside the stadium that would make passerbys want to see what was going on inside.

The team introduction for the Argos was great. Not sure why our team doesn't want introduce anyone with a team with 20 new players?

Inside, sure the anthem and halftime show could have been enhanced but I was too busy making my way through walls of people, actually a nice switch for a CFL game.

During the game there were contests that were actually easy to win. That is what in-stadium contests should be. At our home opener, the question for the Sirius Radio was ridiculous. I think Sirius would want to give their radios away and the team is making up the questions. More positive energy when people actually win stuff. The contests were more entertaining that the lame 'Race Rob Golfi' promotion.

Hopefully our game day co-ordinators if there is such a thing took note of how the darkside presents their game.

Of course, if the outcome was different I may have thought the whole thing s>>ked.

I'll second that. Anytime the camera stopped on TiCat fans I thought, "now those guys are hard-core".

17 years afan and hundreds of games I have seen at the Rogers One time skydome I am able and a creditable source in telling you its a chore sitting there for a whole game when we have a jem in Ivor wynne!:wink:

I was glad they opened the roof. First time I ever saw it actually move. So much nicer under the sky.

I was at both the Hamilton and the Toronto opener. Biggest difference to me was the 50/50.
Hamilton with an attendance of 20,589 had a 50/50 worth over $8000. Toronto with 30,822 had a 50/50 worth just over $6000.
Yuppies can be so cheap.

What I Was a little jellouis about was the fact you can bring drums cow bell's air horns, megaphones and all those noise makers!...I know alot of you are againsed noise...but to me its football let there be noise!:).

Since you love the truth then here is one for the mods to cut out! Victor from rock express told me not to go waste my money because we were going to be cremed .It was his birthday and I offered to pay his way too to go to the game he didnt want to.I paid off my bulldogs seasons and walked by the ticket office by copps and was about to buy a ticket for the game any way but his reminder made me think again. I promice to never let this idiot rule my mind again! Yesterday I bought him a heritage jersy for his birthday when all you get is another story.Alot of BS. Thats the truth let the whole world Know because I will tell everyone ! Trust me!

warm hotdogs and cold beer
waited no more than 10 minutes for any of it
far far better than I get at Ivor Whynne

Not better than what I get at Scott Park, I'll bet. :wink: