Rogers Centre... 100th Grey Cup Ads

Well, I went to Rogers centre a couple of days ago for the Roger Waters concert with my buddy Roger (no joke)lol. Before I headed to that white elephant, I thought that it will be cool to see the 100th Grey Cup advertisement, logos and such.
So Im just outside Rogers centre now and had to walk around to get to my gate. Blue jays, blue jays, blue jays.... and that was it!!! On the light posts, in the windows and huge banners on the side of the dome.
Maybe after I walk in there will be lots to see...... NOTHING!!! Blue jays, blue jays, blue jays and that was it!! All the big 50inch screens had Batista on them. And not even an Argos sign in sight. They even had a kiosk that sold blue jays merchandise.
Someone tell me that this is going to change...and Fast! Who is dropping the ball here... Mr. Rogers?, the city?, the Jays?, the CFL??
I was rather disgusted!!! Nuf said..

I'm hoping that the bluejays banners and such are all replaced with Argos banners on Argo game days...but I'm not going to bet on it.

The Buffalo Bills Store is still there !!!! Brutal !! :thdn: :thdn: and guess what, no CFL stuff !!

Grey Cup is SOLD OUT !! Made the bills series look like a JOKE !!!! :lol: Amature football :lol:

Roger's has never been a supporter of the CFL, that and the reasons that Spinner gave would explain why the situation is the way it is.

Makes you wonder why the Grey Cup is in Toronto. They should have given it to a REAL CFL city.

When the stadium was a public venue, the main tenants (Jays, Argos) were given equal billing. This was easy since the exterior was concrete and a bit of glass with nothing more. This persisted even after the venue went to private albeit neutral ownership. Now that the current owners also own the primary tenant, its 95% Jays stuff with a Bills store.

It is such now that the Blue Jays have removed the Argonaut championship banners and retired numbers from the rafters during baseball games. The Argos basically have to pin the banners up on their own game days to pretend as if they have their own home venue. The Jays championship banners remain however during all events at Rogers Centre.

I fear they (Blue Jays / Rogers) will keep things Jays/Bills oriented up to and including the 100th Grey Cup.

I hope enough money goes into Grey Cup to pay for banners to adorn the exterior such that for at least one week, SkyDome is the truly dedicated venue for the Grey Cup. It should not be difficult seen as the Grey Cup will be held well after baseball is finished up.

I have my concerns however considering how Rogers has operated the venue and the difficulties the Argos have had with their schedule in recent years. I do not want to walk into Grey Cup 100 under the large sign on the western gate reading HOME OF THE BLUE JAYS.