Rogers cancels BILLS ex game!

Rogers has canceled the ex- BILLS in Toronto game for August 2012 sighting a scheduling conflict [lack of interest] :lol:

Yet they may still want more games even though they have lost millions , turned off the NFL brass which have NO intention of coming to Toronto and are making total fools of themselves. :lol:


Loss of face and your pride shattered can hurt more than losing some money, especially since you can pawn off loses on your customers who subscribe to your other services and products. :wink:

GREAT POINT. Let them go nuts. But that may back fire if Rogers kicks out the ARGOS in 2013.

Rogers is trying to save face by saying it was a scheduling conflict. Apparantly the Bills bought back the exibition game for less than half of what Rogers paid for it. LMAO

A Win, Win for Buffalo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :thup:

and the hits just keep on coming :cowboy:

Here is the real reason and is very refreshing for a Toronto writer who from time to time does say it like it is and often has slagged Rogers big time. Good on the crooks at Rogers.

I don't understand why Rogers doesn't buy the Argos. It defies logic. Must be some skeletons burried somewhere.

Because they lose (in their minds) prestige by owning the Argos and not and NFL team. Besides, they can't really go after a big-time franchise from the states if they own a team from a league that competes for fans in Canada (I guess). It's just too small-time for these big-time spenders. :roll:

You mean these big time losers :lol:

You mean, It's just too small-time for these big time losers :lol:

What I'd love is for the Tiger-Cats to run a bus trip to a Bills game in Buffalo, that would be funny. But that won't happen I don't think.

MLSE owns the Leafs and the Marlies and people in Canada care less about the AHL for the most part.

Thanks for this article. This was your find. :thup:

Rogers can’t buy an NFL team. The NFL does not allow corporate ownership except for the Green Bay Packers which is a public corporation. Only individuals can own NFL teams. It is not like MLB where Rogers, TBS, Tribune and other media companies owned teams.

The NFL prefers owners wbo don't look at their teams as business opportunities to make money but rather as passions of one particular person/owner which is the antithesis of a corporate giant like Rogers.

Seems like a fair bit of support for the $100 mill or so taxpayer renovations to The Ralph even after the huge signing of Mario Williams to that big contract which some see as at odds when the team is asking for the reno money:

After Spending Big on Mario, Bills Look To Taxpayers for Stadium Upgrades

[url=] ... m-Upgrades[/url]

I see Rogers is laying off up to 300 employees. I wonder how they feel knowing Phil Lind used some of their money to make Ralph Wilson's pockets deeper and help pay for renos at the Ralph? I know how I'd feel.

[url=] ... 00-layoffs[/url]

Despite Rogers giving the Bills game back to Buffalo, I highly doubt that Ralph Wilson will be refunding the $9.75 million Rogers paid for the game. The Bills will likely generate only $3 or $4 million for the game in Buffalo, so at best they might split this additional revenue with Rogers, who would still be paying $8 million or more for the Bills exhibition game in Buffalo...Believe it or Not!

This deal was still more desirable than actually hosting the NFL game in Toronto. Rogers would be lucky to sell 20,000 tickets and was faced the prospect of papering the crowd with 20,000 free tickets again...which was becoming tiresome. Hence the "potential scheduling conflict" with an "unnamed and unsigned" event at RC.

The Bills in Toronto series was also becoming a black-eye for the NFL (have you noticed Goodell never stepped foot in Canada despite his mandate to "promote the NFL internationally?") so I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL chipped in a couple million to Rogers to get this game out of Toronto.

Yeah, I know the Bills in Toronto deal was struck with the late Ted Rogers and Ralph Wilson and it was done very shortly after Roger Goodell became commish. He was new in the position and probably didn't want to interfere but one wonders now as a seasoned commish if he would have been more involved had he had more years under his belt when Ted and Ralph started negotiating. I don't know.

Tee hee tee hee Bills to play Seahawks in December in Toronto.

[url=] ... le2405755/[/url]
The Buffalo Bills will play host to the Seattle Seahawks when they visit Toronto for their fifth annual regular season game to be played in Toronto.

The two border-town teams will kickoff at the Rogers Centre on December 16 this upcoming season, scheduled for 4:05 p.m.

Nice to see that they're playing in T.O. after the CFL season is over.

But, I suspect that has more to do with the Bills not selling out their last three games supposedly due to December weather.

Question is, who wants to go see the Seahawks, especially if the Bills are out of it by then.