Rogers, Bills to Renew Toronto Series

I don't think it's just an American mindset. A while ago, I came to the same "suburb" metaphor myself, but based on observations from the Canadian side of the border alone.

Then that's a damn shame!

The only team that plays games in New York state is the Bills and the NFL considers Buffalo part of Canada...haha

yeah, that should be amended to USA and Southern Ontario mindset.

You guys ever notice that when people from Southern Ontario say Canada that they elongate the first “A” like an American would? They say “Caanada”.
I dated a girl from Hamilton briefly and she told me that she was from"Haamilton"
You ever watch City TV News from TO… They don’t sound even remotely Canadian.

That's a new one to me I must admit. :?

There's much more to the Canadian accent besides the pronunciation of near-open front unrounded vowels before nasal consonants.

Nice try. Although I've noticed these attitudes more in Ontario lately, the first time I heard them it was from friends of mine from BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. When they came to Ontario, they were annoyed by the frequent US-bashing.