Rogers and Bills terminate series

The Buffalo Bills and Rogers Communications agreed to terminate the series with four years left on the agreement. The Bills were 1-5 playing away from their real home field and players often complained about the games. For Rogers, the games never created the buzz they were looking for and probably diminished their chances of landing their own team in the future.

For CFL fans, it's a small reason to celebrate.

An Argo-Cat fan

It also gives us a chance to LOL at Spoiled Torontonians not getting want the wanted. And I'm down for that everytime :thup:

For Bills fans everywhere it's also a reason to celebrate. All the Toronto games did was make it more likely they were going to lose by having basically one less home game. And the Bills over the last few years have needed all the help they can get to win. Also the pizzaz was taken out of the games knowing many free tickets were handed out trying to get bums in the seats. The Bills deserve better than that when that is not the case at The Ralph.

If you look at the Bills press release, they also make it clear they consider Southern Ontario as their market. Which means there will never be an NFL team in Toronto as long as the Bills are in Buffalo. :wink:

That’s why noone can complain about no hockey in Hamilton…

:thup: :thup:

The NFL or atleast Goodell always stated Toronto is Buffalos market.

A tad different in that the block was coming from a uber rich team to the north.

The NFL in Toronto has and will always be a pipedream.

The last home game Oakland (which hadn't won a single game at that point) had the attendance is listed at 52,865. Honestly, how many tickets do you think a NFL team in Toronto would sell with a 0-10 record? BTW, rumors are already around that Oakland may relocate.

In week 4 of this season a Miami and Oakland game in London drew 83,436.

The Bills vs Atlanta in Toronto last season drew 38,969.

The SkyDome (refuse to call it but the other name) opened in 1989 making it 25 years old. If you were the NFL would you think that is an appropriate facility for your games?

There are so many other reasons.....

How on earth is it different

but many of those were outright freebies...

[b]CFL News @CFL_News
Rogers said 1st four reg. season games were sellouts B4 later acknowledging totals included 1000's of free tickets...via @torontostar #NFL

CFL News @CFL_News
At least the embarrassing & pervasive papering of the house jobs by Rogers for the Bills series can now end. #CFL #NFL #Bills

CFL News @CFL_News
Despite slashing ticket prices, Rogers had to give away thousands of tickets to avoid entire sections of empty blue seats...via @JohnKryk

OH ! I agree :smiley:

I couldn't be happier for the Bills, Argos, Ti-Cats, CFL and all their fans from this announcement. I sincerely hope this is the nail in the coffin of the Toronto NFL team talk and smile that every spoiled Toronto bubble boy is getting further screwed and dismissed as a spot the Bills simply don't want to play Football in, despite the dump truck of money Rogers is offering them.

NOTE: Toronto bubble boy is my new term for Torontonians who think the CFL is bush because they seldom leave the Toronto bubble. They think because they play fantasy football they are an NFL fan and thinks because Toronto is big they deserve an NFL team despite all the various issues and concerns that make their team a poor market. They are also the type that after or before a game at a bar say things like "I don't really follow the CFL but I am an NFL fan" and when asked why respond with "Oh well, there's just so much more talent in the NFL" despite many CFL players going up to the CFL and vice versa and many ex-NFL players saying "The talent level is nearly the same save for those few elite players".

They also tend to go to Jays games and not watch the game sticking to their phones or drinking. They may or may not Leafs games and claim to be huge hockey fans but never go to Marlies or Steelheads games. They may go to TFC games and demand that the pitch be in a perpetually pristine state at all times, without exception, to the point where the state of the field is more important then the actual team's performance. Rugby matches however are fine to play on the field, but NEVER Football. While this is a trend amongst them, it's not always the norm and generally make the many good and true fans of their respective franchises look bad.

for a couple of reasons.
1 the Bills are no where near the money making machine that the leafs are!
2 this is Canada, I couldn't accurately guess the ratio of hockey to football fans but it would be substantial

I could go on?

bottom line the Leafs claiming the Hockey Mecha that is SO as theirs is disgusting. Buffalo claiming Toronto and SO is survival.