Rogers acquires rights to FORUM!!

A few months ago, there was some controversy over Rogers Centre allegedly banning some people from coming into the stadium with some anti-Bills shirts. This was, in my mind, correctly interpreted to be a form of censorship. A few days ago, some member (can't remember who) questioned some of the appropriateness of the sticky labelled please watch your language. That topic was locked, I'm not sure by who. It has since been deleted as has been one of my topics with the same name as this topicRogers acquires rights to FORUM.

I saw that a few people had their posts edited (presumably for something bad, but it is hard to know for sure) on this topic. My topic somehow just magically disappeared, and I did not receive a message from anyone saying what I wrote was inappropriate so I don't know why this one disappeared.

My point with all of this is that there seems to be a lot of excessive censoring. I'm all for keeping the language clean since this is a site where people of all ages and perspectives visit, but I have to say I am disappointed that people wanting to express some views in an appropriate manner are not being allowed to do so.

I think that as long as people don't insult others, don't use abusive or inappropriate language or break any laws.

that their posts should be fine!

Meh. This forum couldn't get much worse even if Rogers somehow acquired the rights to it.

This forum isn't that bad .But take it from me I have been on and running forums for the past ten years there is a lot of room for improvement on here.

This just in:

[b]Rogers Acquires Domain Rights.[/b]
TORONTO, October 18 /CNW/ - In anticipation of the amount of dissenter's rallying against the National Football League's Buffalo Bills relocation to Toronto, Ontario, Rogers Communication has announced it's outright purchase of the domain name and attached forums. It appears this is a move to quell the Canadian citizen's resentment and grassroot campaigns to delay or quash such a trade before it comes to fruition. Many in the community view this as a move by Rogers to instill their own regime of oppressive moderators and administrators in hopes to stop any rational discussion within their own community and to disbar use of words such as '[i]s[/i]uck'. As one poster at, who goes by the username [i]mpdid[/i] points out "The forum's do not even allow me to select a forum avatar beside my name that represents my team. There are other CFL fans out there that would like their teams logo as an avatar as well, so I know I'm not alone in this. As far as Rogers buying the CFL forums, unbelievable! What's next, a monthly post subscription plan?".

 In an emergency press release after news had leaked of Rogers' newest acquisition, CEO Ted Rogers told the press "Yes, it is true, Rogers has strategically added a new subdivision to our NFL group with the purchase of This will only embolden our commitment to bring cutting edge services to Toronto and whoever else lives in this country. This is a long term commitment Rogers has invested into the CFL, and with good reason: we expect a Canada wide league of 8 NFL farm teams will bring the football excitement us Canadian fans truly desire". 

Mr. Rogers then went on to detail his immediate plans for the new domain "It has always been Rogers vision to give Canadians the communications service they deserve at a price they can afford. It is no different with the new Rogers Introductory forum posting plans will start at 14.99 monthly and our comprehensive Unlimited* Plan will allow community members a full range of services, including finally allowing such rag-tag teams such as Winnipeg and Montreal their forum avatars. I am excited to be partnering up with the CFL by buying a 51% in their stocks and to provide this crucial service the fans of 'Our League'".

For a more detailed description of how Rogers supports the CFL, go to

This is pretty lame.