Roger Yachetti - RIP

Ted Michaels?
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Sad to learn of the passing of #RogerYachetti. Many people don’t know that there would not be a #TIcats team in Hamilton, had he not stepped in in 1992, and he helped lead the charge for the #'drive for 95" resulting in 15K in seasons tickets and 1 million in sponsorship. @CFL

He wont get the praise due to him. Dark, crazy times then. Occaisonally comic opera. But most importantly the team survived. Wish he wrote a book about what actually went on.

In 1995 in order to support the team, I bought a 3 pack of tickets to support The Drive and had great seats in Box I which brought back great memories of buying tickets at Robinsons Department Store Downtown and occasionally at the Hughson Street Ticat Ticket Office when I was a kid often a single in Box H as that was what was readily available in the store’s men’s department.

It led to the deal that if you bought season tickets to the 1996 Season you were guaranteed your seats for the 1996 Grey Cup - which was a great memory enjoying that snowy day at Scott Park Tailgaiting and the memories from Riderville at the James Street Armouries to the Grey Cup Parade. I’ve had season tickets in Box J and now Section 104 ever since! 22 Years and counting!

Thanks Mr Yachetti and your team for helping keep this team alive and opening up the opportunity for us to make great Ticat memories with my 9 year old daughter today, she’s one of the team’s biggest fans.

I met Mr. Yachetti years ago. He was the type ofperson who made you feel comfortable and that what you said was important. He was a very respected man in our city . He will be missed. Rest in peace.

Pat Lynch

By 93-94 football ops was running on fumes and thats being charitable. But the team , amazingly, could still boast Cofield, Fields, Motton and an emerging OShea .

  1. Without a doubt, Roger saved this franchise, and probably the CFL !! Boy, those were dark days
    in TiCat history back then for sure :frowning: :frowning:

Probably another unknown little tidbit, Roger was related to the former professional wrestler
from Hamilton also, whose name was John Yachetti, who was a huge star back in the 60’s
and 70’s !!

Any old wrestling fans would remember John better by his wrestling name…“The Beast”. :wink:

Sherman Avenue Boy makes good...!!!!

I am truly saddened by this. The man was a true saint! I had the pleasure of meeting Roger in Ottawa when my mother and I went there to see the Ticats play in the summer of 1993. We were staying at the same hotel as the team, and I met Roger in the hotel bar after the game.

He was genuinely kind, and even gave me a special business card that would also give me 2 free tickets to any Ticat game. I’m glad that I took that opportunity to thank him for saving the team.

He should be in the HoF as a builder.

RIP, Roger! All the best to his family.

Tough week, former TiCat owner George Grant also just passed away


I wonder if he ever got his Grey Cup ring back?

Wondering if the organization has any plans to honour Roger in some way at the next game? It sure would be a good idea.