Roger Goodell's future

This doesn't look good for the NFL and you wonder about Goodell's future with all of this:

Even if Papa John’s is scapegoating the NFL, Roger Goodell and league should be alarmed

“The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current [protest] debacle to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction,? said John Schnatter, the Papa John’s CEO who famously appears on the company’s litany of game-day advertisements. “NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s shareholders. … Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership.? That banging you hear right now isn’t the shots fired by a pizza chain synonymous with the NFL brand. It’s the sound of ownership groups collectively falling out of their plush leather chairs. [i]The NFL has hurt us …[/i]

Papa John's seems to be taking as much flack over this as Goodell. Pizza Hut's CEO even came out today and said they have seen no drop at all in their sales (and they advertise on the NFL too).

And some less than flattering meme's have been flooding social media like this one comparing the founder of Papa John's to the late Mike Ilitch (owner of your favourite baseball team Earl - the the Tigers and the Red Wings who was the founder of Little Ceasars Pizza)

Interesting Pat. Some stuff is going on here but exactly what, not sure. Maybe Papa John's simply want a better ie. less expensive advertising contract with the NFL and is using this whole anthem thingy as an excuse. Who knows, or maybe more to it.

The games in the corporate world never cease to surprise me.

Maybe their pizza isn't as good as the competition?

Seems Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be behind the Papa John's complaints.

[i]Jones has become a significant Papa John’s franchise owner, with the total number of stores owned by Jones[url=]in excess of 100[/url]as of 2014.[/i] [i]The relationship started in 2004, when Papa John’s became the official pizza of the Cowboys, and in turn Jones acquired[url=]49-percent interest in 71 Papa John’s stores[/url]. Eight years later, Jones appeared in a Papa John’s commercial, where he[url=]rapped through the whole thing[/url].[/i] [i]More recently, Jones has been doing a different kind of rapping as he tries to derail the Commissioner’s contract extension, which the Compensation Committee already has been authorized, by a 32-0 vote back in May, to execute. The suspicion in some league circles is that Jones, who has reason to be even more upset with Commissioner Roger Goodell now that running back[url=]Ezekiel Elliott[/url]‘s suspension is back on, instigated Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter to use Wednesday’s quarterly earnings conference call to dump on the NFL, and to call out NFL leadership for failing to solve the anthem issue before it became a full-blown problem.[/i] [i]For that reason, look for the league office to take Schnatter’s complaints with a grain of salt.[/i]

Don't want to be on the wrong side of Jerry Jones as NFL commish, that's for sure! Goodell might be toast if Jerry gets his way me thinks.

Roger, wouldn't want to be in your position but would like to have your wealth have to admit. 8) Screw 'em you have so many millions, go retire on some gorgeous place you want on planet Earth and enjoy. Jerry controls the NFL and if you two don't see eye to eye, toast my friend.

I remember seeing New Jersey governor Chris Christie in the box with Jerry Jones . Jones is a full Republican and I think that is also coming into play as he loves the limelight but does not want to be embarrassed . I think Goodell's failure to be stronger with with the anthem left the individual teams to their own policing and policy issues that should be league wide .

I think there is a serious feeling that the majority wanted full respect for the anthem but none wanted to tread into race issues and felt Goodell should have been the man taking the bullet for their interests .When he didn't he hurt his prime job of protecting the interests of the owners (private club) as a whole .When they have divergent ideas but mainly old school when it comes to US patriot respect versus a rebel sit down over non NFL matters it is imperative the leader must take the bullet for the whole and Goodell failed to take the bullet .

I'd say you nailed it Hank.

The players actually hold the upper hand in this issue as the majority of Texans proved last weekend when the majority of the team took a knee after their owner’s ill advised inmates comment.

The minute any disciplinary actiion gets taken against a player by any team on this I suspect would be the minute this explodes into an even bigger protest by players.

Yes I think they do right now as there is confusion but the NFL career is short and there are replacements galore . I think if I was a union prez I would want to pull in the stampede effect because you can't win against billionaires who own the biggest league in the world .

If Goodell takes action he will survive this if not and he continues to let the inmates run the show ; the NFL will counter with an iron fist sooner or later even if it's not transparent they will in the end take action . This is a private club with a few libs dotted here and there but they know where they get a tremendous amount of public money so don't bite the hand that feeds you; is the word behind doors . Protesting at work and public free speech are two entirely different matters .

No where else does an employee get to protest at work and it's making people mad that this is allowed to continue by a league known for Patriotism galore which wraps itself around the stars and stripes . Too many criminals in the National Felon League to say the Police are racist without an equal statement that they need to look in the mirror before taking that knee .

Would it not be something if the players in Chicago protested the murders in that city before placing all the blame on a skittish police officer who hasn't been trained properly who maybe black , hispanic , asian or white . This is one league that gets no sympathy from the blue collar worker who pays ridiculous prices to watch a game .

Let them walk. There are plenty who would take a few million to play some football.

Well - we saw what happened the last time the league tried to play games without the best players - it was a joke and the fans spoke en masse by staying away in droves. The Replacements movie was based on that.

Heck they got huge flack from fans when they tried to play without the best officials when they locked them out just a couple of seasons ago.

If they can't reach an agreement with the players on this anthem issue I suspect the more likely outcoome would be to return to playing the anthem before the players take the field - as they used to do.

Taking mass action against the players would not work - partly because there a fair number of fans on the players side in this issue. 43% supporting the players right to protest this way according to one poll and among poll samples of those under 45 and those who are Black and those who are Hispanic - in all those demographics - the majority support the players right to do so.

Basically it is mainly among older white folks who are the segment where the majority are largely against the players actions.

So that is the split the NFL has to consider when deciding what to do.

I don't know why the media allowed this to become an issue in the first place. Apparently there are a lot of people who do not understand the difference between disrespect and dissent. Trump only started tweeting about NFL players to distract people from the fact he is gutting their health care, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and has people involved in his campaign under investigation by the FBI for collusion with Russia to interfere with the election which brought him to power. People need to develop common sense and focus first on those things that actually affect them.

In the end it really matters not if the NFL or any professional league exists or not, the world goes on, and the NFL will go on from this debacle. As long as people keep buying tickets for games and TV numbers are high, the owners will sort of turn a blind eye even if they are peeved at the players. If need be, they'll just use Goodell as an excuse and turf him.

Money talks and the NFL is all about money first and foremost as we know.

43 percent support... 57 percent oppose (Ive seen polls around 63 percent). It seems they are alienating more than half their fan base by allowing it to continue.

The good majority of the ones who support probably aren't watching sports anyway. Goodell let this get out of hand. Should have been dealt with last season.

Besides it's not like you will lose all your players. I would guess 90-95 percent would realise how good the gravy is in the NFL and choose to comply. The rest would leave and be replaced by younger talent coming through the draft.

The NFL is in a no win.

As for me...

I don't care if they kneel. If we ignored it, it would go away.

As fro Goodell...

Jerry Jones is a child and being spiteful. Goodell will eventually resign but for less money.

Besides it's not like you will lose all your players. I would guess 90-95 percent would realise how good the gravy is in the NFL and choose to comply. The rest would leave and be replaced by younger talent coming through the draft.
Bingo West. Hey, kneel or do whatever, doesn't matter I'm never going to buy a NFL seat ticket regardless but I'll watch on TV even if the whole stadium kneels, I'm paying for cable so I'll watch even if they all take their pants down and yell "we hate Trump" :-*. Hey it's one big debacle that probably won't hurt the NFL bottom money line one bit despite some bad press here and there.

I havent watched a game in a couple seasons as I think it’s a disgrace the way they have ran things down there. From the Ray Rice debacle, the lawsuits because the league withheld valuable info in regards to concussions, the Kaepernick cry fest, etc. It’s pretty sad when you think about it.

Jones really shouldn't be saying much after signing Greg Hardy a few years back knowing what a basket case the guy was.

Some of the owners are being a tad hypocritical I will admit.

Oh yea, hypocritical no question but hey, the NFL is a money machine, I mean what else are people with no lives going to do on a Sunday or Thursday or Monday going to do except going to a bar dressed in their NFL team unie of choice to think this is what makes their lives matter. :stuck_out_tongue: