[Roger] Goodell admits

Bills games in T.O. could
lead to something more

Sean Fitz-Gerald, National Post

Published: Friday, February 01, 2008

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"You can never take out the idea
that it could lead to more," he said.

"But that's not our plan.

Toronto needs to get over themselves. They're acting like a bunch of giggling twelve year old girls after some good looking guy just glanced in their direction. It's like big deal, a team 1 hour away from them is playing one game a year there, Toronto get a life, and quit blowing a load in your pants every time this silly game gets mentioned.

Who's afraid of the Buffalo Bills?

Relax: An NFL team in Toronto won't kill the CFL

Colby Cosh, National Post

Published: Saturday, February 02, 2008

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'...it is thought that Toronto Argonaut
and Hamilton Tiger-Cat season-ticket holders

will be put first in line for the tickets,
ahead even of Buffalonians.

This by itself should create

a pretty significant short-term boost
to the bottom line for those Canadian clubs.'

If true, this means that even Bills fans
who want tickets to these Bills games in T.O.

will have to buy Argo or Ticat season tickets.

If $2000 up front for 5 games
an 3 meaningless 'friendlys'

and driving across the border
to T.O. doesn't bother them

why would 200 or 300 bucks
be a problem for them?

Rabid football fans like that
will likely go to some CFL games.

They may get hooked on the brand
and become regular subscribers.

All the CFL bashers here in Canada,
will have to buy CFL tickets too!

Too bad for them :smiley: :rockin:

he also said that they will not be interested in expansion for atleast another decade...... of course he's gonna say it could lead to something more.

Whats this Goodell says about the "passion Canadians have for the NFL"?
Last time I checked the Bills get around 10 thousand Canadians at a home game...at their prices. Thats not a huge number. How many will they get in Toronto at 2 grand per seat up front?
Another thing about the "passion"...correct me if I'm wrong but don't televised CFL games draw as many, or more viewers as the NFL? The Super Bowl is an exception.
Nothing wrong with the NFL though, and Roger Goodell is a smart fella, but I wish he would forget about trying to make it look like we are slobbering over the prospect of seeing exhibition games with a regular game thrown in occasionally. Sorry Roger but we have some pretty competitive football up here too.....for a lot less money.

roger goodell is a good guy, and he understands what we have up here, and he is not trying to change or hurt it in any way. Roger respects that we have our own league and is doing all he can to give Canadian's a taste of NFL football without affecting the CFL. He said nothing about expansion to Toronto in the near future, but he did say it was possible. Hell, anything is possible though, of course he's gonna say it's possible cause nothing is impossible. the games will be played after the CFL season, and will not affect CFL crowds. Don't go coffin shopping yet, stand by your CFL, it is strong and will continue to be.

What I don't understand is why in the world would anyone go to an NFL exhibition game? They play 4 exhibition games and the starter often only play a series or two and then sit the rest of the game.

I know the NFL will draw fans the first couple of times, but the novelty will wear off and people will realize that they are paying tons to watch a garbage exhibition game.

The regular season games will likely be different. Since they are going to play only one a year those games will probably all sell out.

Is it the end of the CFL? No. An NFL team in Toronto would need a bigger stadium. Skydome is roughly 55,000 if memory serves, way too small by NFL standards. Unless a Toronto NFL team does what the Als do with their small stadium (charge excessively high ticket prices due to lack of seating) I don't see the NFL coming here without a new stadium. And after the public relations nightmare that was the building of the Skydome (and the Big O for that matter) why would any level of Canadian government get on board with funding a new Toronto stadium?

An article written by Rob Longley in today's Edmonton Sun http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Football/2008/02/02/4809122-sun.html

states ...
"Tanenbaum said his group was careful to include the Argos and Ticats in planning for the games -- including offering each the possibility of adding the NFL games to their season-ticket packages. Those details are expected to be released at a press conferrence next week."

Why would the Ticats even consider adding these games to their season ticket package?

TheNit, read my post above in which I
speculate that the quote below means

that fans buying the 8 game package
to attend the Bills games in T.O.

might have to buy season tickets
to Argonaut or Tiger Cat games.

It is from a National Post article.

'..it is thought that Toronto Argonaut
and Hamilton Tiger-Cat season-ticket holders

will be put first in line for the tickets,
ahead even of Buffalonians.

This by itself should create

a pretty significant short-term boost
to the bottom line for those Canadian clubs.'

Canuck cities in chase for 2009

Terry Jones Sun Media

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PHOENIX -- The Buffalo Bills' venture into Toronto will not count
in the NFL's plans to continue staging up to two games a year
outside the United States -- at least for next season.

But it will open the door for potential NFL games
to be played in Montreal, Vancouver or Edmonton,

beginning in 2009.

Ron: Thanks for that link.
I see no problems for the CFL if the NFL wants to play some games up here. Nice diversion....but I don't see fans in Saskatchewan, BC or even Toronto giving up on the CFL because of it.

It's not about losing fans, mr62Cats
it's about losing corporate sponsors

and national T.V money to support the CFL.

The sound of corporate dollars escaping
the coffers of the Canadian Football League

will just be an annoying hissing sound
during this NFL 8 game pilot project.

It will become a 'giant s.u.c.k.i.n.g sound

if the the Buffalo/Toronto link approaches
even a GreenBay/Milwaukee-like situation.

and that will be life-threatening
to the CFL as we have known it.


Not time for the panic button yet.
I don't see TSN or any corporate sponsors dropping the CFL because of 8 games. They are tied to contracts.
Do you know something they don't know? Do you think Marc Cohon would have agreed to the deal if your prediction holds true? Do you think Roger Goodell would have agreed if the CFL would be affected the way you describe? I don't think so. The NFL doesn't need that kind of bad PR.
This is about Buffalo trying to hold on to its cachement area.
I happen to believe the CFL is not as weak as you suggest. Just because Paul Godfrey and his greedy friends want to get rich from the NFL doesn't mean the demise of the CFL. There's a lot more to it.

Who is pushing the panic button?

I said the corporate dollars escaping
the coffers of the C.F.L. is merely
an annoyance for the next 5 years.

It's not the weakness of the CFL
that is the problem in the long run,

it's the strength of the desire
of Canada's national corporations

to hitch their wagon to the NFL hype machine
and leave the CFL with only a few crumbs.

Let me paraphrase Bobby Ackles' warning again.

'Never underestimate the power
of the NFL hype machine.'

Bums in the seats don't cut it
in the 21st century, mr62Cats.

ron: Just stating my opinion like you. Seeing as neither one of us can see into the future....we'll just have to agree to disagree.

I dunno…I hate the idea of the NFL coming here. I don’t, usually, like the football and I think it’s best observed in U.S cities anyway. They care more about football then all their loved one’s combined.

I find that troubling. But, to each his own, I guess.

I think there will still be sponsorship and partnership money available for the Argos. Very few companies will be able to afford any package with the NFL anyway. Like the fans in the seats, it’ll be pretty elitist that way.

Even the Argos, currently, offer themselves up as a great bang for the buck, for companies that can’t get into the Leafs. Sure there’s overlap, but I’m not sure you’ll see title sponsors walking away that quick.

Yup, there’ll be some. But I don’t see it as enough to kill either team, or the league.

And, Toronto papers spend most of their CFL ink harshing on the league anyway – so, the lack of press won’t be anything new.

Hopefully fans won’t buy into the hype and will know inferior football when they see it. But, let’s face it. It’ll be the same type of fans that miss the first 6 minutes of each period at the ACC.

Makes for a great atmosphere, eh?

Toronto wont have a NFL team in toronto for at least 10 years and then there is always a chance of change between now and then!