Roger Dunbrack

I can say it now…I wanted to say it before…what a player. He is the “in the trenches down and dirty player” we all need.
Tackles with one arm. Tackles when held. Recovers fumbles.
A veteran.
Keep him on the field and play him.

I'm bumping my own thread....guilty as charged.
CHML used to have an "unsung hero" award.......
tonight it is his.
Tonight it should be "sung".

Okay…I’m now on a personal mission.
I want his accomplishments tonight recognized.
Someone please help me…He deserves it.
(No I do not know him personally but I do live in Dundas and if the %$#&* hits the fan…)

He was over shadowed by Keith but he played very well.

And he is from Dundas :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I hear you Tommyboy1. Unfortunately I didn't see your thread until after I had started mine. But essentially feel the same and wanted to not only congratulate the team but Roger too. For someone who doesn't get to play every game (don't know why), he played a helluva game.

Dunbrack went to my school (Western) so I have always been a fan of his.

Roger Dunbrack is one of the most hard working and modest players to ever don a Ticat uniform, we need his presence and his veteran leadership if these young lineman are to improve. Keep up the good work Roger you have always been one of my favourite players and tonite you proved to everybody just how valuable you really are.

I don't think you could have said it any better than that. Great game Roger.

Wilt, I agree with you 100%

Can't help but think how the same experience and savy would have helped the team this year if Rob and Mike were kept on.

Go Dundas Go!!!