Roger Dunbrack #70

It appears as if he has been released according to the transactions section on

A journeyman Canadian lineman in my opinion - no huge loss here.

Great guy ,just not good enough!

Canadian veterans like him are valuable assets
on the field and in the locker room. Sheeesh!!

When somebody is injured Roger
has always filled in admirably.

In the latter part of this year
he was a solid rock on the d-line
when he got to be a starter.

Roger's contract is not for starter money.

Is the problem that he is not
being paid rookie money?

If his release wasn't done for some weird reason
and it turns out that Roger ends up coming back

on whose authority was this crappy move done?

The buck stops with Scott Mitchell.

Is Scott overstepping his bounds
making football operations decisions?

Fire him!

Fire them all!

I think he wants to retire.

These kinds of players are important to teams. Maybe they're not good enough to be game-in game-out starters but they are solid pros who can fill in for injured guys without losing too much. They're usually good team guys too--the unsung players who are the glue to good teams.

I think it's a bad move and the Cats will miss him.

An Argo-Cat fan

I luv it how so many are happy with this 3 win team. The fact is Dunbrack is not a great player, he's run stopping nose tackle who offered nothing as far as a pass rush goes same with Wayne so we need to get rid of these guys.

This defence was the worst in the league so obviously you have to get rid guys so quit whinning about it.

No great loss. Great guy, just not good enough. He may not be making starter's salary, but he sure would be making NI veteran's salary (along with all the CFLPA perks). We need somebody who can CHALLENGE for a starter's spot, not somebody who can only fill in as needed.

As of 5:24 PM ET he is still listed on the Ticat roster on this site.


Dunbrack kind of held the Ticats DL together this year IMO. But I can see Mitchell wanting to move him out to make room for the young up and comers.

Roger's loss will be a definite loss to the team. After all, he was a backup player, not a starter.
Whenever he was called on to play, he gave a good account of himself. (as a backup)

Perhaps contract or personal reasons ?

I think it's more wondering who is making these moves? Mitchell? He shouldn't be making football moves other than hiring a GM to do those moves. Taafe? Hopefully not, considering he could be out of here in another week or two.

I'm not real broken up about losing Dunbrack, but I would like to know why we're making moves without a GM.

When they started him towards the end of the season, I think he did a great job. He plugged the middle and worked hard, so I guess we should get rid of him. God knows we don't want any decent players on this team :roll:


That last point is exactly the point, LawFirm.

On properly run teams G.M.'s and their chosen coaches
make decisions on what players are to be released.

Marcel already showed us what happens
when a G.M. undermines a Head coach

and oversteps his authority by
decidings who to release himself.

Why can't Scott[?] wait until we have a new G.M.
so our Coach can have input on player releases?

Dunbrack looked good this year only because all of our other D-Linemen looked so brutal.

Dunbrack is average at best. We need to get a lot better on the D-Line.

Gee RFTT, maybe the new GM has already been hired, just not announced.

Except for handfull at most I would be preparing to say goodbye and good luck to your favourite players no matter how nice they are to talk to or how hard they try.

When camp breaks in June you wont recognize this team.

As well needing get better starters on our D-Line
we have a need that is just as important, and that is,
for back-ups to fill in when these starters get injured
or when the starter need a break to keep fresh.

There will be a big drop-off in performance
if we use too many rookies for that job.

That won’t happen with an experienced veteran
Canadian D-lineman like Roger Dunbrack.

Precisely. He makes the dline better in that regard.

BTW Ron, rumour has it that it's your bday. If so, HAPPY BDAY!! If not, have a great day anyway! :wink: :smiley:

I just don't want another team of back-ups again...