Roethlisberger to Toronto?

Big Ben will get picked up by Toronto eh?

could you imagine? hilarious.

I don't think he could cut it in the CFL.

[b] So Big Ben might be coming to Hogtown, eh? I guess Michael Vick will be the next QB for the Bombers too. I hear "Prime Time" might play wide side corner for the Lions; his contract will be paid entirely in flashy suits and big hats with colorful feathers on them.

 Dwight Gooden may come out of retirement and pitch for the Cubbies, along with Shoeless Joe Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Bo Jackson, Russ Jackson, The Jackson Five, Jackie Parker, Fess Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker, Parker Brothers and LPGA start Se Re Pak.  Don Taylor's hair will come back, better than ever.

 I read a blog that said our soon-to-be-out-of-work Governor General Michel Jean will be the new Zamboni driver for the Abbotsford Heat.  Rumors persist that in the next 18 months Steven Harper will quit as Tory PM and lead the surprisingly resurgent Psychic Flier Party to a comfortable majority.  Michael Ignatieff will not be asked back to Harvard after leaving politics but will excel in his exciting new position of honorary javelin catcher at the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Jack Layton will just stay where he is, year after year after year....  Sarah Palin's prayers will be answered when she gets the Scarecrow's brain, Tin Man's heart and the Cowardly Lion's courage, but will end her presidential hopes when she gets an unscheduled balloon ride back to Wasilla, Alaska.  John Furlong will announce later this year that the 2010 Winter Games broke even, if you don't include the cost of the land, buildings, security, VIP tickets, new ferries and the Sea to Sky highway upgrade.

 I can think of  lots more stupid stuff to post here, but I think you get the message.  Can we please have less (hopefully none)  of this dopey, juvenile crap in this forum?   How about some feedback about actual CFL player or team moves, the new signings from the free agent camps in the States or maybe the contract extension for Wally. 

                                                                                       Dooger in Surrey[/b]   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

OLE BOOGER! we'vce just got the 2 months to spring training camp blues - but you're right we should grow up! sounds like more fun.

i dont wanna grow up cuz being old seems boring :stuck_out_tongue:

but anyways.. i wish shoeless joe came back to play... that would rule.

maan i miss that guy, last time i saw him i was in heaven... wait no that wasnt heaven, it was IOWA.

The ONLY successful NFL quarterbacks that ever survived the CFL were scramblers (Theisman, Flutie, Moon); pocket passers always failed - like Vince Faragamo (LA Rams), whom Roethlisberger very much emulates.


Although I would like to see Roethlis... in the CFL. Sorry but every time one of these guys comes up here I love hearing all of the people that think this league is weak have to eat their words when the incoming star is merely mediocre in our league.