Roethlisberger In A Serious motorcycle accident!

I know this isn’t Canadian Football news but Ben Roethlisberger broke his jaw and nose in a motorcycle crash in which he was not wearing a helmet. Roethlisberger was in serious but stable condition later in the afternoon.

I'm glad it was not as serious as it could have been. I heard about it earlier this afternoon. Have to wonder why he wouldn't wear a helmet.

They Don’t have Helment Law in That State.
Ben was not Using one…

I can see the Steelers Telling him he has to now

Warning ! The following may be found offensive by some.

First and FOREMOST (as a fellow human being who shares Ben's enthusiasm for asphalt surfing) I sincerely hope the man recovers as best as biologically possible and is able to resume his playing career ... BUT ...

I am absolutely STUNNED at the STUPIDITY of this guy ....

When I read he liked to ride without a helmet, I pictured Ben on a fully loaded HD Ultra Glide (or some other touring machine) cruising the backroads of the Allegheny's with the wind in his hair and the sun at his back ...

SURPRISE is an understatement when I saw the pictures of the accident and learned he was riding the FASTEST STOCK BIKE ON THE PLANET ... without a helmet !!!!!


With the kind of resources this guy has, he could have paid to close any RACE TRACK and crashed TEN GSXR's and then went home for dinner !! What the heck is he doing on the street, with a racer, without a helemt !!??


I really hope the guy does not pay too high a price for this decision.


All I have say on this situation as a big fan of Big Ben is that I pray that he fully recovers from this accident and wish him well. Prayers also for his family as they deal with this.
All the best out to the Roethlisberger family
Get Well Soon Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't Cowher have an opinion about this before the SuperBowl?

Thought process. Or lack thereof.

Hope he's ok.

steelers are my 2nd fav football team by the way.
bradshaw and cowher both in the past have disapproved ben driving his motorccle without a helmet in which be refused.
by the look of the pics of the accident (his head hit the car's windshield) he's lucky hes not dead instead of a broken ,jaw,nose and a large gash on the back of his head with leg injuries.
although they're sayin it's the woman driving the car's fault, you have to wonder why anyone would crazy not to wear a helmet.

Meanstreak, there is nothing offensive about your post. You're right on.
Its almost inconceivable that a man who wears a helmet for a living, would not see the value in wearing one while riding a sport bike, and why....because its not against the law to do so.

The level of arrogance and stupidity at times is amazing.

The helmet laws here in Manitoba are pretty lax too. Apparently you can get a "doctors permission" not to wear a bike helmet. Someone please tell me what kind of doctor would want to go along with this.

Wait a minute..."Hello everybody....I'm Dr. Nick." (sarcasm...the accented Dr. from the Simpsons)

He was in Surgery for 7 hours to fix his nose his jaw, Skull and take out some pieces of teeth. There will likely be more Maxifacial surgery in the coming months.

Crazy stuff....Guy saw one too many Mission Impossible movie???

To make matters worse, from the football side of things, sounds like he did some damage to both his knees! Hope he is ok, good player, nice kid.

I hope he recovers as well.

Bad beard.

2 things:
1.)If you are stupid enough to not wear a helmet you deserve to get hurt.
2.) Why isn't this in Football(Other Leagues)?

Last night at 11 they showed a previous TV interview of Roethlisberger and Cowher over the helmut issue and to see Ben adamantly declare that as long as it was legal to drive without one (or his employer forced him to) he would not wear a helmut.

He is in for a couple of nasty 2-3 months ahead having just seen my daughter's boyfriend suffer the same type of facial injuries in a vehicle accident.

Ben has lost most of his teeth according to the news report plus unspecified damage to both knees. The thought that stuck with me overnight is that the Steelers main concern are his knees since the facial damage will eventually heal and be repaired with implants and plastic surgery.

He played College ball down here just outside of Cincinnati so the media has been following this one as much as when Buckwheat was shot.

Anyway, one of the interviews with Ben has him stating this after being asked why he wore a football helmet, but not a motorcycle helmet:

Well, it's in the rules that I have to wear one when I play football. It's not in the rules that I have to wear one when I ride my bike.

Good thing there is a helmet rule in the NFL.

What about the NHL not Having Visors on all Helmets as a Rule..Same Thing..

It look uncool till you lose an Eye..
Same thing with the Helmet Law
They should be always on as Well.