Rodriguez released

As per CFLdaily on Twitter and

No surprise there - one year wonder who could not find the grove to be successful.

He had the height but that's about it.
Saying that I wouldn't be surprised to see the argos take a look at him, they are pretty low there.

Let's bring him back...can he be any worse than Mo Mann, who, in my opinion, has done nothing this year?

Mann has had a bad year, but you can see flashes of a really good receiver in him. If you were going to drop Mann id rather look at some of the guys on our practice roster.

Drex???? ROTFL

I guess Obie won that trade after all.

Probably not. And with Glenn's innacurate passes he can use all the target he can get. Foot for thought.

“Foot for thought”? Once your “foot” is removed from your mouth, take a look at the QB statistics and, please point out to me any proof of your contention of Glenn being an inaccurrate passer.

Some people just like to hate on him :roll:

And on many other players at one time or another.

Makes you wonder about Rodriguez. I'd take a pass though.

Rodriguez was the Cats top receiver in 2008 or 2009 I believe. I forget which year. I wouldn't call him a go-to receiver by any means. I think he'd be a solid pickup for any team in desparate of a receiver with the Argos!

We don't need a big guy at receiver, we need a speed guy. Prechae is slow for a WR.

Rodriguez was a shining light his rookie year here. But OB says, "better is better."

Last year ...
Mo Mann caught 73 passes for over 900 yards last year before missing the last two games with an ankle injury. He was voted an all-league all-star by the CFLPA.
Prechae Rodriguez caught 45 for almost 500 yards.

This year ..
Mann was injured in training camp -- another ankle-- and then spent the first two games behind Drisan James on the depth chart.
To the best of my knowledge, Rodriguez has been healthy.

Mann is fourth in TC receiving, with 24 catches and just over 300 yards.
Rodriguez has 30 catches for just under 380 yards.

With Bruce, Stala and McDaniel as our primary receivers, somebody has to be fourth. Although Mann's tweets were not a great team-first statement, his current frustration is understandable if he's gone from being one of Ricky Ray's top two receivers to our number four.

Add it up, and I'll take Mann over Rodriguez.

Well said...totally agree!!! :rockin:

No problem. I've noticed when he throws downfield, receivers sometimes have to make adjustments to his pass that leave them vulnerable or in a precarious position and "foot" was an ill attempt at humour, but I don't mean to hate on him. Maybe I could have used a better choice of word there. How about dangerous?