Rodriguez nickname poll.


You guys are joking right? You want to call him "Pee" "Rod"?

Personally my "Pee" "Rod" comes in handy when I've had a few beers. How about the other men on this board?

Why don't we just call him Pen15. P-Rod....Hahahaha! That's awful.

How about "Too Tall" Rodriguez

Thats why I voted for chea-rod, pronounced shay-rod.

That is better, but I'm not crazy about that either.

Not that I actually care what his nickname is, but what about Roddy or Reeger? (Or is that too hockey-like?)

ANYTHING is better than P-Rod. (Pronunciation: Pee RAWD) Just awful.....everyone that's calling him that, please stop now!!

Let's face it....if he keeps playing like he did last game we might as well let the Saskatchewan fans give him the nickname 'cuz that's where he'll be playing next year .....

Real intelligent response. What wit!

How about "The Preacher"?

Just like Clint Eastwood's character in Pale Rider.

Whether or not you think it's funny is irrelevant to the fact it's an awful nickname. We are basically calling the guy a penis.

Or do you see it differently?


for Deep Rodriguez.

How about "Fly Rod" He's long and he Catches stuff.

Change that

Fly Rod cause he's long and he reels 'em in.

Ken peters called him p- rod in todays paper. so p-rod it is

Oh great,

Did he say whether he could "run the rock"?

Why not just call him We-we stick. P-Rod come on.

ROFLMAO. God did I need that laugh today. Thanks.

I never thought of it that way.

Wee wee stick. That was classic.

I do see it differently. We're not in grade school. I suppose you snicker at Woodcock's name as well, or at Dickerson.

Actually I don't at all because that's their real name. What if you called Dickerson "C-Dick"? (Sure, his first name is spelt Kori, but for the sake of argument lets say it's Corey.) Is "See-Dick" an acceptable nickname that isn't funny because we're not in grade school?

I certainly wouldn't want my nickname to be P-Rod, but maybe that's just me. Just my opinion and you're entitled to yours N-Beng.

And he calls IWS the Balsam street Bengal Bunker.

Know anyone else that calls it that?

Bunni has P-Rod envy but he is one hell of a lifeguard!!

I read it from the horse's mouth in the spec this morning(insert other end of the horse joke here)...

"Big Play Preschae" It doesn't flow as well as wee wee stick, but that's what he I hope he does realize he just gave Farr permission to call him that every 30 seconds.