Rodriguez nickname poll.

You cant be a rodriguez without a short form in sports as we all know. so far I have heard p-rod and I personally like chae-rod. anyone else have any other suggestions? the sooner we get his nickname sorted out the sooner he will improve and be a star. I didnt go from lester greene to beetlejuice for no good reason.
Your name means everything in sports and you cant compete without a great name and a great nickname adds years to a career. Do you think Wayne Gretzky would have the career he did if his name was Joe Schmuck? Names mean it all in sports.
Lets finalize his nick really soon or its gonna hurt his production and hold back his career major. Any suggestions?

Best poll design ever. :smiley:


Chi Chi (emphasis on the I's)

How can you leave Les Nesman out of this one???

Thankfully, the Cats are in Montreal on Oct. 13, so we shouldn't have to worry about Scott Mitchell dropping live turkeys from a helicopter...

great post beet, i say p-rod. and if he starts to suck,fishing-rod.

How about the Williams' Duck Saver, or Duck-Rod?

Why does everyone have to have a nickname? This post is just inviting Ken Peters to come up with some absurd nickname that he'll repeat in his columns forever. (like the Balsam Bengals)

Did your mother name you PC45? :wink:

I like P-Rod.

Me too.

Ya,............P-Rod ...........

short and sweet


tall and mean


maybe we should wait till he is a 1000 yd reciever first...

At 6'5" maybe Big Rod, no, I will go with P-Rod. :slight_smile:


Do we not have at least a LITTLE imagination here in the Hammer?

No. Okay then. Lumsden is now J-Lu.

No he's J-Lum! :wink:

I thought he was The Lumer. :?

If he doesn't pan out, it'd be Rid-Rod.

An Argo-Cat fan

When he gets 1000 yds we will refer to him as the man just known as “The Rod”.

Okay then. Lumsden is now J-Lu.
Now this I love! :D