Rodriguez Hurt?

ya, a groin, day to day...

this guy better not have a repeating situation..

No kidding ^^^^^.............Some of these tall lanky receivers seem susceptible to pulls and strains.........imo.

the sky is falling the sky is falling.

and yes I took that from FYB on the main page.

freaking out about injuries in training camp, especially ones listed day to day. Not good for the blood pressure.

Rodriguez does have injury issues. He was hurt for most of last season in Hamilton. I’m not saying the sky is falling, but Rider fans should get used to Rodriguez being “day-to-day.”

I hope he recovers and lights it up. He's my favourite ex-Ticat. But he did miss a lot of games last year due to injury, and whenever a receiver bangs up a knee, like PRod did last year...

Yeah, but that was a bone bruise...very painful. It's not as though he had chronic hamstring issued.