Rodney Williams another chance?

Should the eskimos give punter Rodney Williams another chance? 2 botched snap that he fumbled(1 was the longsnappers fault for putting it over his head), one punt for 20 yards, avg of 40.6 yds. But one amazing punt that pinned that stamps at about their 4 or 5. Given the conditions of the game(rainy, wet), and his performance, can the eskimos afford to give import punter Rodney Williams another chance?

Given the conditions of:

1- Being his first CFL Game
2- Weather Conditions
3- One of snaps not his fault

I say yes give him another chance. He is a former NFL player, so I doubt that he lacks skill to fill in that spot.

I'd agree that the eskimos have to give him one more game. If he can't get his stuff together after 4 games(2 pre-season,2 regular) I'd say its time to cut him. The esks could use that extra import spot.

Great idea - get rid of import punter - take that import slot and get third or fourth string wide receiver or defensive back - or better yet, bring in another Canadian who cant punt - just make sure whoever it is has a good view of field from bench so that he can contribute - hammer your kicking game (one-third of game) for sake of import ratio - brilliant management - its good someone else is in charge

Sure .... why not? We need more botched snaps! :wink: :wink: I see another Jon Ryan in the making! :wink: Seriously...didn't Ryan botch a snap or two in his first game last year?

with Maciocia making alot of cuts, if that IS the case cuz for the EE I hope it's a joke, Williams might not get a chance.

The o-line looked decent last week but I'm having doubts whether that will hold up. We have absolutely NO depth at o-line. Therefore, we could use the import spot for an I offensive lineman, smart***!