Rodney Leisle

I read on an earlier post about a new D-lineman being signed by the 'riders, named Rodney Leisle...

I did a google on him and I found this scouting report on him back when he was drafted by the NFL New Orleans Saints...

It is a good read I think...

Rodney Leisle
Defensive Tackle - UCLA

6-3 - 309 pounds - 5.11 40

5.11 in the 40-yard dash … Bench presses 225 pounds 31 times … 31 3/8-inch arm length … 11 1/8-inch hands

In four years at UCLA, fifth-year senior Leisle started 40 of 43 games and recorded 131 tackles with six sacks and four interceptions, three picks in his senior season. Leisle was able to neutralize double teams which allowed the other UCLA defensive linemen to get to the quarterback. He is technically sound and is a great tackler. Has good quickness and plays much bigger than his sub-300 pound weight.

Leisle had a 55-yard game-winning interception return for a touchdown in an October 11 game against Arizona.

An ankle injury frustrated Leisle during his senior season and despite lingering pain, Leisle did a gutsy workout at UCLA's pro day. He suffered a broken ankle as a junior, but had surgery and returned to play the final three games of the season. It is believed he slipped a bit because of his injuries, as he was projected as a third round pick.

Leisle shows good vision and awareness, which allows him to quickly read and react to blocks. A overachieving, high-motor, intense player he rarely takes off plays and goes full-speed all game long. Not a very high upside for Leisle although he has been a consistent and durable player throughout his career.

One of the knocks on Leisle is his inability to burst through the gap and cause great penetration. Another knock on Leisle is his lack of size. Some believe that Leisle needs to improve his bulk so he can become better against the run.

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They've got to be talking NFL standards. By CFL standards, he's a great fit.

From Giventofly: (probably the best practice reporter out there)

-Rodney Leisle is a monster. He and Jimmy V are similar in size, but Leisle has more thickness if that's possible. His shoulders are about 4 feet wide!!!

6-3 309. I wish they would lose the very useless 40-yard dash in the combine to assess these types of players. Leave that for RB, WR, DE, and QB's (if you must). Even for these, the 40 doesn't measure crap. How many blazing 40 yarders wind up working at Mister Lube after the combine? TONS!