Rodgers done for the season

Cory Rodgers was injured in the first half of Fridays game and is now done for the season...

Do we have anybody that is a quality receiver to replace him??

I read about that after the game....achilles.

While we have Rufus Skillern on the reserved list, apparently the coaching staff's toying around with the possibility of having both Smith and Logan on the roster now that the opportunity has presented itself.

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Paging Roy Shivers, talent find required.

Pros & Cons with that injury. As Debra points out, it might allow us to dress both Joe SMith and Stafan Logan. The trouble with that is it leaves us short in the receiver department.

Thats why the Coaches get paid the big make decisions like that.

Don't worry. Non-star receivers are among the easier positions to find replacements. Currently, imports Skillern and Coleman are backup wide receivers. Also BC can bring in another receiver if necessary.

Not worrying. Import receivers and runningbacks are plentiful. You just have to find the right ones!