Rodgers and out.... you stay the course with powerhouse NFL star QB replacement Brent Hundley (sp?) or do you go out and roll the dice on Romo or Kap?

...or maybe Vince Young! or what about Michael Bishop (someone on these forums thought he was GOD incarnate)....

...I say you stay with Hundley and watch your season go down the pooper, but I'm not a big cheesehead fan so take what I say with a giant grain of salt...

Still time to locate and fire up a replacement for Rodgers.

Colin Kapernick is still out there - but teams like Green Bay are pretty racist when it comes to their coveted QB spot. Not too many blacks in that spot over the years - long odds with Goodell and Trump trying to stomp out Kapernick that they'd pick him up - even if it meant a couple more wins.

If Teddy Bridgewater is ready to return in Minnesota, perhaps that makes Sam Bradford and Case Keenum available.

Don't even think about calling Bo Levi Mitchell after Calgary's season ends in a month or so!

Yeah, saw this on the highlights, not good for the Packers with Rodgers out.

But Kap, what an idiot, like he is going to win this lawsuit agains't the NFL, he isn't even using an NFLPA lawyer, a celebrity lawyer as they were saying on TSN I was just watching. Buddy, you have no paper trail and no trail at all, you are going to lose. Why didn't you use your brains and play football and protest where protests happen for the cause? Because you ain't that bright I'm afraid. Hey, I've made stupid career decisions so I totally get that the brain f.....ks up at times in our lives, like mine has done and yours. Eventually Kap will learn NFL players don't really have as much clout in the grand scheme of things like they think just because they can dance and prance and hit etc. around a football field.

Lyle, to say GB is racist is totally off the mark I'd say. Conjecture on your part, totally. I wouldn't hire him for any pro football team and it has nothing to do with the colour of his skin. At this point he simply brings too many distractions for any team to hire him, even if his skin colour was as white as white can be. You simply can't be sure what is going on in his head and when hiring a qb for pro football, you want to know that any individual has as their main priority winning football games for a championship. Kap, who the h.....k knows what is going on in that dude's noggin, who knows.

Didn't expect that response from you Lyle to think GB is any more racist than any other organization out there in pro sports land. So they haven't had a black qb, last time I checked that Favre guy did pretty well for the org, no need to just go out and hire a black qb to show that the Packers aren't racist. Don't get it. And Rodgers has been pretty good since Favre as well. :-\ :-\ :-\

Remember my friend, any job position is more about the whole package than simply smarts or talent. Has been that way for a long time, from hiring a secretary to hiring a chief of operations.

I hope all the best for Kap but let's face it, the man has dug his own grave for the most part, out of sheer stupidity seems to me.

Real shame to see stars in any league sidelined. I'd miss Romo's commentating if he took up the job.

A shame for sure sully. I'd say Romo has a better chance of playing for the Pack than Kap does.

And did the Jets get screwed over that td that wasn't called a td. Beyond brutal, so bad.

Romo is a better all round QB than Kappy, no question!
However, in the Green Bay system where trickery and evasion are super key to success he'd have mega-trouble once his deficiencies were picked up on.

Kap is a wild card. He's pretty undisciplined, and would present a completely different option than Rodgers.

btw - Green Bay has had 3 major league superstar QB since the 60s - Bart Starr, Brent Favre & now Mr. Rodgers.

Before Starr there were no black QBs in the NFL - only a trickle of guys in the CFL - starting with Bernie Custis in the 50s!