Rod Williams on 9 game

Did he get hurt last game ? .. or strategic move ?

Fractured his forearm in practise according to Chamblin's interview a few days back. Usually he is only out 4 weeks, but being this late in the sesaon he was 9 gamed because he has only played one game this season and chances are the Riders wouldnt start a player with limited playing time in the playoffs.

He really made a difference and with more game time would have gotten even better. Spending the summer in an NFL training camp had him in football shape and aside from the cramping played great.
Lots of depth though and Jackson played great at the other CB slot, Miller has played well all season although he is no Rod Williams. A CB that could be back that is up to the level of Williams is Macho Harris so hopefully he will be back and Weldon Brown is back on the roster and is supposed to be in the Line up at SAM next week.
This will give the Riders both Carlos Thomas and Diamond Ferri to choose from to be a utility game back up.
The goal in training camp was to have a deep flexible group of DBs and that is exactly what they have.
Eddie Russ is also still in the wings on the PR as well.