Rod Smith

A member of the panel, I like this move.

Agreed, I like him there already, and after tonight's preview show I think he will fit right in, Randorf wants to do more NHL play by play apparently.

Really liked Rod from what I saw last night on the panel. First rate all the way. Not that I didn't like Randorf, I did, but Rod Smith is equally as good I would say. And Rod looks more robust, like a football player. Not that that matters but just sayin.

I have to admit, I was a fan of Rod Smith. He definitely has a different style then Randorf did. I wouldn't say he was better or worse, just different. Like a sidegrade if you will.

I found that Randorf had a very energetic tone, a very get you involved and bring up the talking points before passing it to the panel, a very "wake up and listen" sort of style. I always got the impression that Football was an interest, but not so much a passion for him (as is the way with many predominantly hockey guys) and seems a bit more distances and ribbable from the rest of the panel, but his energy, good humor and excellent speaking skills more the covered that.

Smith seems a little bit more steady voice, that has a more veteran quality to it. The way he talks and hands stuff off to the panel indicates to me he's played the game and is very interested in the game, but knows his place is to stay indifferent to the teams successes and failures. If there is any complaint to be had is that he might come across as sedate, but the fact he seems to mesh with the rest of the panel a bit better then Randorf is certainly a benefit.

Never cared for him, always though he was trying too hard. Seems a bit of a buffoon, to tell the truth.

I liked Dave Randorf and agree I thought hew brought a good energy to the show, having said that I like Rod Smith on CFL broadcasts of games but not as a host of the CFL Pre-Game Show. I think for this year use Rod Smith on pre-games but I would like to see him return to the booth a broadcast games, and bring in a new host next season, the other thing I would do is get rid of Schultz, Dunigan, Climie and crew, if this is the best TSN can do with ex-Argonauts well it's pretty sad, there are many good ex-CFL football colour commentators out there who could do a great job and bring more in depth analysis to the game,maybe Geroy Simon, Anthony Calvilo, Danny Mac spread the talent poole from different teams not just ex-ARGOS, Man they really believe Toronto is the Center of the Universe don't they??

More than just a bit of a stretch to say Climie, Schulz and Dunnigan are somehow Toronto-centric ex-Argos. Climie only played 13 games in his 176 game career as an Argos. Dunnigan likewise played and coached more in other cities than his time spent in Toronto. Yes Schulz is an ex-Argo - but he's a Hamilton area guy who grew up a Ti-Cat fan and TSN employs him for NFL analysis too since he also played there.

Bad move for sure. Very dry. Turned volume down. Why not Matt.


Seriously stupid comment from Bigcat" :thdn:

Anyone know what happened to Rod Smith?? Jock hosted the panel last week and it will be James Duthie this week.

I think they said he was on vacation. . probably booked before he got the panel gig.

According to this from TSN Rod Smith will be hosting the panel in studio. Duthie will be with Climie at TD Place because it is a special event.
Ottawa Redblacks' Home Opener James Duthie and CFL ON TSN analyst Jock Climie, an Ottawa resident and former Ottawa Rough Rider, will broadcast live from TD Place to capture all the action from the Ottawa-Toronto tilt and the unveiling of the brand new stadium. Reporting at field level is TSN Ottawa Bureau Reporter Brent Wallace.

Covering the Toronto @ Ottawa game from the TSN Studio are CFL ON TSN host Rod Smith and analysts Matt Dunigan, Chris Schultz, Milt Stegall, and Paul LaPolice. The CFL ON TSN panel pulls double duty on Friday night, with Hamilton @ Calgary airing immediately after the Redblacks’ game at 10 p.m. ET on TSN.

TSN’s Gemini Award-winning broadcast team of play-by-play announcer Chris Cuthbert and game analyst Glen Suitor will be in the broadcast booth for the Redblacks’ game.

Premiering during CFL ON TSN’s pre-game show on Thursday night is an essay fronted by TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor on the rebirth of Lansdowne Park and the return of the CFL to the nation’s capital. Naylor, who lived in Ottawa for nearly two decades, revisits the city for a retrospective look on the history and significance of Lansdowne Park – including what it meant to him as a Carleton University journalism student living across the street from the stadium.

Totally Agree. Nice guy. But boring very boring. Does anyone think the NFL would use someone like Rod!!
Not a Chance. Even move matt on program as host. Maybe a female??? Hazel!!

Where ever he went let's hope he took Rod Black with him :smiley:

And Glen Suitor, this guy has a hate on for everything not Riders especially if it’s green and gold.

What? The NFL has had some of the most boring bingo callers of any sport anywhere. Those mind-numbing calls that Summerall would make as if he was half asleep could make any game about as exciting as cardboard. And many of the others aren’t any better. I swear they dope those guys up on Valium before they go on air.

Summerall was/is a legend in NFL broadcasting.
Keep in mind that he worked with John Madden most of his career. Madden was the colour guy and was VERY colourful.
Summerall was the perfect calm, professional voice to offset Madden’s enthusiastic commentary.

From what I’ve seen from comments in this thread, we are on our way to having nobody call any games. :?

I actually like when Jock hosts. He is intelligent and professional and has good chemistry with the regular panel.

I wouldn't mind them finding a replacement for milt. Nice guy but just doesn't work for me on the panel.

Like Milt and Jock, I would just leave it alone. Ratings are still good with this panel, but wouldn't mind more Sara Orlesky :twisted:

Bring in Chris Walby way better then Milt Jock has a bit of arrogance bit he is smart,