Rod Smith: Please no more play by play?

Some here have slagged Rod Black for years, at least he is not monotone and does show some excitement.
As for Rod Smith, today he put me asleep in this crucial game.
Not even Matt Dunigan as the colour guy could save this production.
Keep him on the panel TSN please, as a matter of fact Jock Climie as host is better.

I disagree.... Rod Smith>Rod Black any day of the week...

I am not picking one or the other but Smith is horrid.

Smith sure isn't exciting. I just woke up from dozing off for 20 minutes. lol

Smith isn't great, and I can't say I'm a fan, but he beats Black going away. Plus Climie's better than Smith as the panel moderator/chairman. Prime crew of Cuthbert/Suitor, with Miller/Ford and Smith/Dunigan as alternates. Then all they need to do id find a coach for the panel who doesn't stutter and fall all over himself as Lapolice does.

Smith on play by play sometimes skips over his words, but he doesn't spout out gibberish and filler like Black does, nor does he have a need to point out anything tangentially related to the NFL like Black and Suitor do. He clearly speaks like he's played the game and loves the game. I'd take him over Black any day, but man do I miss Randorf calling games.

As far as the panel, Smith all day over Climie and Randorf. No question.

Climie gets too involved and forgets he's not supposed to be the analyzer but just the presenter when he's swapped in.

Smith should never call a game again.
Or Rod Black.

I prefer Smith over Randorf as well on the panel. PBP, not as good as leading the panel but was ok I would say. Any game I don't even need a PBP person but that's just me.

If this is turning into a poll. I liked Randorf on the panel. Climie over Smith after Randorf left, and Cuthbert and Miller calling the games. But the hardest part for me to watch is how the officials have taken over the games with their steady diet of flags.

What happened to Gord Miller? He was doing games with Dunigan. Hockey I guess?

Miller did do the Bomber - Calgary game this weekend with Duane Forde because Rod Black was out in Kelowna doing Skate Canada all weekend. I know during the week he has been doing the Leafs games regionally on TSN4 here in Southern Ontario.