Rod Smith needs to do play by play

He’s not pickled. But he is severely intellectually damaged. Doesn’t connect with the majority of CFL viewers. Simply put - wrong guy for the job - he musta signed some 30 year no cut contract with TSN when he started 25 years ago!

Like most posters the only recourse we have about this mook is tormenting him on sites like, riderfans, ourbombers,, etc.

But the real villain in this piece are the malakas who hired the goof . . . . . not the brightest bulbs in the closet

Fixed it for ya.

And your point is what?

Do you have a point or are you just trying to be a jerk?..Cause if you are, mission accomplished

Was not trying to be a jerk RO1313. Point being
living in Quebec there is the option to watch the ALS on RDS if you are not happy with Rod Black.
Just like you can do the same if you are not happy about what is being advertised.

This thread is not about advertising

But based on your logic....If you dont like what I have to say....You can go post on another forum

Nothing is stopping you from starting one…
You have this need to defend him all the time
Go ahead…start a poll

No, I do not need to start a poll.

Everyone has a right to an opinion.

If I am defending him, it is jut to counter the over the top attacks on who IMO, is a good announcer.

No to Rod Smith as play-by-play guy. Way too bland and dull for play-by-play. Nobody would be awake by the 4th quarter if he was to work games with Duane Forde on a regular basis.

How do you qualify him as a good announcer? He does not understand the rules (his misinterpretation of the no yards rules is not his only faux pas), he is often so far off in left field his own partner, Duanne Forde will correct him on air, he misses plays while he talks on about non game related subjects, repeats inane facts ad nauseum (did you know Duron Carters father played in the NFL and that Hamilton had a punter who once played Aussie Rules?) and worst doesn’t understand even the basic concepts of the sport his is supposed to be announcing.

You like him, that’s your opinion, but how can you defend him as a good CFL announcer?


I admit he can be annoying with the Carter over and over.

Also, reminding us that before the Redblacks, there were the Rough Riders and Renegades , over and over.

That aside, I can call him a good announcer, because IMO he is just that.

BTW, it was you who reminded me that this forum is for various opinions .

So, lets not have a double standard here ok ?

Right Pat,

I remember when he was the # 2 guy behind John Wells.

Rod Smith was the most bland, mono tone and boring ever in the CFL .

Never again please.

He is great on the panel. Leave him there.

I believe they use Rod Black because he is available to do most games, whereas Cuthbert and Miller also do NHL for TSN regional games. I think Black has improved some, but not much, doing the games.

My questions were serious. Did not intent to put down your opinion was just asking you to explain it because I haven’t seen you post anything saying why you think he’s good.

You’re entitled to your opinion as much as anyone here. The discussion is easier if we know why you like him. I may disagree (very likely) but I won’t disrespect your opinion.

Then why tell us to start a poll?

Seems to me you think you are the only one who has a right to an opinion
You pretty quickly shot down the opinion that Smith should do play by play

Never said I don’t like what you have to say.
Merely stating an option and opinion.

Agreed…how can you have a announcer who does not know the most basic rules of the game…after how many years?

He doesn’t know to shut up while the ref is announcing the penalty
He says the stupidest most irrelevant drivel
He repeats himself over and over

I remember him saying

Theypartially blocked that punt and came very close to nearly totally blocking it!

14 words…9 of them useless

And so was I but I don’t post childish shots

I give him a pass on this because they all do it. And none of them bother to tell you what the penalty was for after they finish what they’re saying.

To be fair, I can’t hang that one on Black when he’s just mimicking the rest of the PbP guys.

I shot down the Rod Smith suggestion, because I remember how horrible he was.

He’s OK on the panel but I’m not sure he has the right voice for PbP.