Rod Smith needs to do play by play

Today showed once again that Smith is more qualified to do the play by play than Black.

He does CIS games all the time, hes got the perfect voice and is knowledgeable.

In all honesty its a no brainer

Bubbles Smith from Trailer Park Boys could do a better job than Rod Black.

Wasting both Mark Lee & Rod Smith w/ The Black Hole getting nearly 50% of the game calls!

Rod Smith was the # 2 guy from 98 - 01 replacing Gord Miller ( 95 - 97 ).

I will say NO to Rod Smith.

The guy is the definition of bland.

I have said this before, for all you Rod Black haters deal with it.

hit the MUTE button OR put a cork in it.

It is played and way past old.

It’s you that need to hit the mute button if you can’t deal with people having opinions. This being a message board on all things CFL it isthe place to voice those opinions.

As for Rowdy Rod, a blind and mute chimpanzee could do a better job than him. How anyone can support this idiot who week in and week out demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge about the game and his absolute unwillingness to even attempt to learn what little he needs to know is beyond me.

The biggest problem facing the CFL is head shots, second is video review and a close third is the village idiot known as Rod Black. As long as he is ruining CFL televised broadcasts it willneverbe old.

The cork has been formally removed.

DC, I have no problem with people having different opinions.

I am just offering a solution.

Every game that Rod Black does, it is the same stuff.

That is why , I suggest the mute button for those who can not handle Rod.

I use it liberally during Rowdy Rod broadcasts. One of the bonus’ of going to the Argo game this weekend was missing the Rodster butcher the game.

Funny but even from low in section 110 I could tell it was the village idiot in the play by play booth.

I just want to know what blackmail material he has that allows him to work. From what I understand he’s not even liked by the figure skating crowd. How do someone who isn’t a judge piss off the that crowd?

Well…You could hit the mute button with Rod Smith…no?

And so is suggesting that Rod Smith do the play by play…Its offering a solution

" blackmail " , that is an example of the same stuff I am talking about.

RB, has been broadcasting the CFL for 14 years.
He must be doing something right.

Those who do not like him, should at least be getting used to him by now.

Spoiler alert, he is here to stay.

I am already tired of the word target and black uses it to much. Is the player a receiver or apass target ? I hate it.

Correct me if I’m wrong; Rod Black was primarily an anchor or play by play for figure skating and non athletic sports (curling, bowling, golf) until CTV bought TSN. Then it was like when your mother remarries and your stepdad tells you you have to take your little stepbrother with you everywhere.

OK, he’s here to stay I get that. Someone at TSN is being forced to use him and maybe you like him, but you can’t tell me that the guy who makes the same mistakes over and over (he never did understand the no yards rule they just changed it to fit his misinterpretation) is a good PbP man and doesn’t look like an idiot calling games.

Get used to it, his vocabulary is smaller than a 6 graders.

I will take your word for it on the Rod Black on CTV point. I do not follow those other " sports ".

I do not need to hit the mute. I like the sound of the game, including crowd.
If I do not like an announcer ( Rod Smith - Dan Randorff ) , I just put up with them.
No big deal.

What I do not do is go on and on and on , about how I do not like them.

I asked myself that when they changed the ruler (Only the 5yarder though)

Did they change it because they were tired of hearing him screw up the call all the time?

But the point is…why should we have to put up with them?

Do you keep going back to a restaurant when time after time you get bad food?

Its no secret that the viewers don’t like Black…but year after year he is back

No doot aboot it.

In La Belle Province (as you probably are aware), can always tune into RDS. They spend allot more time talking about the Als than the opposition which is what I find TSN (whether it’s Black, Miller or Cuthbert) tend to do.
Not sure if they were advertising the NFL game being on other RDS channel as TSN had done.

Couple weeks ago I think, Black completely missed a fake punt, direct snap to the up-back but he didn't get the first down. Black was mumbling on about something and completely missed it. He must be pickled or something.....

Was the game in the 'peg? One guy who looked a lot like Rod was adding beer cups to the snake. (Just kidding Rod).

Is there an official poll that shows viewers do not like him ?

I suggest this is the opinion of the loud minority.

I challenge anyone to start a poll about Rod Black popularity.

I would bet most on this forum would be ok with him.