Rod Rust leaves Bombers

It has been reported that Rod Rust, the defensive coordinator for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers has left the team for personal reasons. This is terrible news for Winnipeg as their defense had just begun to show signs of developing into his designs. The bombers have just 5 days to find a replacement before their next game against Hamilton.

So the question is, who will replace him for the rest of the season? I got no idea.

I don't think that the D is going to suffer too badly cuz of this, I think they will still be solid and the best part of this Bombers team.

Urban Bowman will replace him Kanga. Bowman is only taking the linebackers, I think Daley will take over the defence. From all accounts Daley was a competent defensive coordinator in Calgary. He should be able to adjust Rod's schemes on a weekly basis.

bloody-hell..... I liked Rod and what he was doing with this team....I hope the replacement can keep his system going.... :o