Rod Pederson's Long, Long Rant defending Corky

That was me.

Alternate theory: the Riders themselves leaked it to garner sympathy with the "the league is picking on us for petty things!" card, which is exactly how it got played up in Pederson's commentary.

We don't know where the leak came from on this one, so it's just speculation to try to assign motivation to it. We do know that involves the most popular team in the league (which makes it more interesting to the media) and that it involves a team already fined twice in recent memory (which makes it more interesting to the media).

If Ottawa had been fined for it instead of Saskatchewan this week, odds are that even if someone reports it, that report is in the Ottawa media, never makes TSN, and doesn't garner much discussion here. Given what has been going on with the Riders and how it plays into two narratives at once ("Jones is a cheater with no respect for the rules!" or "The league is picking on the Riders!"), it's like catnip to reporters and fans.

If Corky didn't think he was under 24/7 surveillance he's got another thing coming. Now, more than ever - any potential roster or regulation abrogations will be reported to the league. In other words, Corky is now officially walking on eggshells.

The other ones might have been leaked too, but not have seemed all that interesting they didn't really get reported very heavily. Or if they did, people just shrugged it off. If you're Lawless or that type and get a notice that Calgary got fined $5000 for this heinous act, you might just shrug and say "big damn deal" depending on what else is going on that week. "Yeah, whatever. Burris just told the TSN panel to shove it". :wink:

When it's the team that's being fined for the 3rd time in a handful of days, maybe you expect it's going to be of greater interest to people so you take the time to throw it out there.

There's no way to know, but based on the size of the fine, I find it hard to view it as some sort of strong arm tactic.

Why would a team radio broadcaster call it down the middle...they essentially are team boosters....not the league' is not like the TSN panel for these guys...they are all about the local yes, of course they are going to be extremely bias. Also....try listening to NCAA on the radio some is a whole new stratosphere point out the audacity of this so-called sports journalist even bringing the subject of the play's widely held by those that know this game that whining about refs over one play is bogus, yet Rod does it right there to pad his ridiculous claim that everyone is out to get his precious team...oh, he threw 'potentially' in there, and then dragged on with more keyboard vomit about it for some reason or another....

You can believe whatever you want, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that Jones is absolutely NOT "well liked by his players" - - other than his select baggage handlers.

Pederson is a joke and just waves the green pom pom's at every opportunity. He offers nothing in the way of an unbiased view. I know in Winnipeg ,our media has zero issue, ripping the team when need be and rightly so. Every cities media will want the team to do well. You still need to offer a somewhat balanced view of what is happening. Him calling it a witch hunt is irresponsible journalism.

If we've learnt anything about PI and challenges is that it's anyone's guess. Last year we saw the same thing, stuff that was called PI on review in the second half of the season wasn't being overturned anymore. The reviews have been as subjective as the refs calling it on the field.

Pederson is many things, but a journalist is not one. He's not even a columnist. He's a proxy for Riders working in the media as proven by all the contortioning he does to try spin everything positively in Riderville. He continued to defend Chamblin to an extend up until his firing, after which he was blasting him in any which way he could. His blog posts when he cites rumors or inside info also usually turn out to be full of nothing too. For such a devotee he should ask the people running the Riders why he wasn't given the scoop about Jones to the Riders during Grey Cup week.

And you know that from being down in your mothers sewage filled basement?

The one thing you do know is Jack Squat and the rest of what you spew out of your pie hole is garbage.

You know nothing on this topic other than what you garner from the media, that is an absolute certainty!

That's a "homer" column if I've ever seen one.

Has all the cred of a North Korean "media" story so when they start calling Corky "Glorious Green Wheat chafed Leader" then run for the hills.

And Drew Edwards fires back at Pedersen defending Dunk in the latest news in this Soap Opera better known as "As the Riders turn" :wink:

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Won't hear me arguing about I was "iffy" and could have gone either way....I was a bit surprised it wasn't called simply because everything seems to be now. Would it have caused an impact on the game...of gives a lead at that point. Would it have changed the outcome...who knows....neither team plays the same game after that if it is PI...that is football

Rod goes way overboard in his rambling. There are some points that I do agree with (same as most sports agrees with at least some points in it)...the conspiracy suggestion...not so much and he looks a little foolish with some of his statements

I am not trying to stand up for his comments...simply pointing out that someone did change the potentially to an always...and sorry...a lead change does change the course of a game...again, not saying the outcome...but definitely some of the approach by both sides after it.

Your first mistake was reading a Rod Pederson article. Although he's not officially employed by the Riders, his radio station has the broadcasting rights and he is essentially a cheer leader. I don't put any stock into anything he says. He might have the odd scoop since he works closely with the team, but outside of that he just writes things to get people to read them, even if it's entirely fabricating things.

If nothing else the name Rod Pederson has been exposed as a total fraud. That's a good thing!

Don't just take my word on it - - ask Brandon Issac what he thinks about Jones. Ask Joe Cohen what he thinks about Jones. Ask Justin Phillips what he thinks about Jones.

Owned :slight_smile:

No I didn't just take your word for it, I did ask them, got a call through on skype, and they said "we like and respect him, he's a nice guy"..................................... :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you if you read Bo's twitter his info came from with in the confines of that locker room! You really have to sit and think what a player in that locker room is thinking when Side Show Jones comes in and says hey I have 25 guys in two houses ready to replace you if you screw up! What do you think that player is thinking? Then to add salt to the wound he is extending is practices which is against the cflpa. There is no doubt he has a few players that would kiss his feet but I bet there are twice as many that go home at night wishing they could run him over. Thats face it Jones is not a guy that many people will like. He has a personality of a snake. The way he coaches gets old fast and the players buy in only for a while then they just come in to collect a pay check with out putting much effort in. Edmonton was different the act did not have time to get old as they were winning.

Wow a graduate of the Fine School of Classiness! How was Jones as a teacher for this subject?

.....And now for a completely unbiased and condensed report from Pederson the bag man...
'''Let me say this...the Saskatchewan Roughriders can do no of course all of these accusations are false...And I cannot reiterate enough and expound upon the great talents of Corky our illustrious head coach....He's one in a million and worth every penny we used to secure his unparalleled talent....I say all of this because the league's commissioner is carrying on a witch hunt against the 'Golden Goose' of the CFL....I say all of this without bias or trepidation and I will have further comment after I have consulted with the lord and master 'Corky' the great....Remember everyone go green ...and keep buying those jersey's....So long for now and until my next factual rant...stay true to the organization and don't believe any other journalists in this country'''..

....heard off air as Rod is wrapping up.....Geez I said that all with a straight face :oops: ...where we going for dinner Cork..

I take it you saved a copy of this Skype interrogation which you could share with us! lol