Rod Pederson Update

Ridiculous Rod just guested on the TSN radio morning show in Winnipeg where he was confronted about the league, Chris Jones, his own column, etc.

Some unique revelations:

  1. Pederson said he received a harsh warning letter from the league about that column that I posted in another thread (The Rant). Didn't say if he was fined or just warned, just said he received a letter.

  2. Called TSN reporter/insider Gary Lawless - Gary Clueles; Lawless will immediately spring into defensive manoeuvres if the form chart holds and start verbally assaulting Pederson.

  3. Pederson also said Chris Jones now calls the league office "Mayberry". I guess Corky's upbringing brought him into contact with all kinds of Mayberries.... but on this file he's probably more right than wrong!

Pederson is such a tool.

Like him or hate him , Lawless checks his facts unlike Pederson and Lawless doesn't wave the home team's pom pom's.

I suspect Lawless will be infuriated by this latest PeePee Pederson blind-sider. Lawless holds a lot of power at TSN radio and some power at TSN Bell TV - he'll probably see to it Pederson (who's not a TSN employee) is banned from TSN productions in future.

For all I now these guys might be friends fabricating a feud for the hell of drawing eyeballs, but if not, I hope Lawless can't be bothered to acknowledge Pedersen. Pedersen is nowhere near Lawless' level and doesn't deserve the "rub", to use a pro wrestling term (which seemed appropriate).

He should talk to Marty York.

....You mean they let Rod across the Man. border.....This guy is digging himself one helluva big hole. :lol:

If the league office is Mayberry......then Jones is Bug Tussle

Nope, Bug Tussle is Corky's hometown.......... :cowboy:
If the league office is Mayberry...........then Corky Jones is 100% Otis Campbell....... :lol:

and if he isn't Otis the drunk then he is Floyd the barber....... :lol:

While Jones should not be the one labeling the CFL office it is hard to ignore his sentiment

Both Corky and “The Ghost” are solid CFL villains - Corky due to being slightly overactive - Orridge for his regular disappearing act.

[i]Otis or Floyd?

What, he's not smart enough to be Barney Fife?! :smiley: [/i]

Rod's hitting on all cylinders!

[b]5 - WHIZ KHALIF[/b]: The first thing I thought when I opened my emails during Wednesday's new stadium tour and saw the Riders had signed Khalif Mitchell was, "Holy Sh*t!". Then, I was excited he was a Roughrider. He was almost unstoppable during his time with the B.C. Lions and was impactful as an Argonaut too. [u]His penchant for saying offensive things on Twitter got him toasted in Montreal but it seems that won't be an issue now since his Twitter account has been locked down by Chris Jones[/u].
Did someone remove his tongue, too? :roll: If only that was Mitchell's only problem...But he's off Twitter, so everything will be fine.
...Sportsnet's Arash Madani figures the signing of Mitchell was less about football and more about Jones and the Riders making a statement to the CFL.

They're dumping on us in Toronto - from small things to big things - and the Riders are starting to push back.

6 - MORE ON THAT HERE: In case you haven't wet your finger and stuck it in the wind, there's something blowing between the CFL head office and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It's bubbling and simmering now, but could be headed towards a bloody stand-off.

Madani covered it well on last night's SportsCage in Hour 3 which is available at

I've only danced around the story for the past number of weeks but am ready to pull the trigger at any time. It includes the backroom politics of the offices on Wellington Street, and what's turned into a very tumultous tenure for the CFL's 13th Commissioner.

Stay tuned.

There will be BLOOD!!

Does Pederson's salary count against the Rider's cap ?

It should, shouldn't it? :smiley:

Anyways Hussler & Lawless (Wpg Radio duo) are having Pederson guesting this afternoon. Surprising - since Pederson referred to The Human Monster (Gooner Lawless) as Gary Clueless a couple weeks back when Pederson was higher than a kite!

In the olden days of Lawless he'd be jumping in his 1991 Jeep with a bundle of piano wire and ethanol - tripping to Regina and staking out Rod's tiny studio - waiting for him to leave and then invoking the power of positive choking!

btw - in the promos Lawless refers to RP as Rider Cheerleader Rod Pederson!

Hustler and Lawless let him off the hook and stayed classy !

IN the old days when Lawless was working for a pittance, covering AHL and Winnipeg Goldeye northern league (class F in non organized baseball) he would have stomped the lights outta Rod.

However, Gooner has softened greatly as he's taken a bigger profile (and salary) at TSN. He can't afford to get into a flame war with a notorious flame-whip troll from Saskatchewan. Thus he stays classy and forces Rod P. to leave all the egg-whip all over his face.

Also, in the old days if you insult Lawless (ie. Gary Clueless) you'd be permanently banned from TSN 1290 radio in Winnipeg.

Bunch of cheaters going after the commish... :roll:

Bunch of cheaters going after the commish... :roll:

No wonder Orridge always has a fort to hide in!