Rod Pederson resigns as Riders play-by-play man

20 years as the 2nd most biased pbp man in CFL radio history. Rod is approaching 50 (he’s listed as 46) and has a reputation of picking the riders to win the Grey Cup every year they play. Most of it was an act - the guy is kinda deceitful. BTW - the 3 most biased radio guys in CFL history - 1. Bryan Hall from Edmonton, 2. Pederson, 3. Bob Irving, Winnipeg

NB* - maybe Rambunctious Rod bought the Cherry Juice franchise Chris Jones abandoned when he bolted for Cleveland yesterday??

Maybe Rod should keep his yap shut about Renolds until his mic is turned off

off to Calgary actually

Have you ever actually heard why he makes the prediction every year? Kinda makes sense actually, and there are a few reasons.
1 - in 2001 he made a prediction of them doing poorly. Some nutjob made a death threat over it…and I mean an actual credible one where the police had to get involved. That particular person regrets it and is now like “I don’t know what I was thinking.” It is amazing what sports can bring out in people.
2 - He has changed with people. He doesn’t fight about the game anymore. He will listen and he will talk and may hate your perspective, but he won’t fight…that said he knows that if creates talk. He does it every year, and every year someone blows up and it creates media and banter…that’s a good thing.
3 - At the end of the day he is still a booster of sorts even if he is media…same as every team has. He knows some will take it seriously and it will get under their skin a bit, kinda playing into point 2.
4 - he is a sober alcoholic and when someone in his family passed away the combo changed how he looked at things, and he said F it, this is a game and I am going to have fun with it.

It is not actually homerism…he has his real predictions, but he generally doesn’t put those out there…he has fun with it all

He was fired for talking about Craig Reynolds personal life on air.