Rod Pederson feels Burris WON'T BE BACK

Per Drew Edwards’ ‘Scratching Post’

• Riders radio play-by-play man Rod Pedersen says he’s hearing Henry Burris won’t be back in Hamilton next season. I pass this along just for your information and without comment of any kind.

"It’s looking more and more like Henry Burris WON’T be back with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2014. At least, that’s the word I’m getting. Fear not Hank – I’m sure he’d be welcomed in Winnipeg or Ottawa.

Oh Gee, I wonder where he heard that from?
Coming out of Regina, their hatred for Henry is becoming ridiculous!
I am sure Pedersen has sources close to Henry. :roll:

I was on Pedersen's blog, and found no such statement,
I think he took it down or it didn't exist to begin with.
This is the same guy that started the movement to "Take down the Austin Banner at Mosaic" before the Grey Cup
This guy is a pant load and represents the Riders well!

The last thing that Henry stated to the press was that he wanted to be back in Hamilton!

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“I want to be back here,? he said. “We’ve had a great run. I still feel like I can get it done.?

Of course the counter to that is what else was Burris going to say?

I would think that if Burris isn't brought back, it's because Austin and Co. are ready to move on from him, not vice versa.

I'm a Burris fan and hope he comes back in whatever capacity.

Burris and Glenn in Ottawa!!

I hope this is crap...our route to next year's cup has to be lead by Hank...he got us to the cup this year and by no means it was his fault that we didn't win....You know the scary thing is that if we don't keep him we will have to face him!!!

If Burriss doesn't return, I think it'll be because the team has decided to move on without him. Not vice versa.

Too bad if it happens. Count me a Burriss fan. Still a very good player and more than capable of winning a GC.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am also a Burris fan. (with a few reservations) My problem with our offense hasn't changed from
the problem I had with them all season. We need an improved O line. Burris would have more time
to throw the ball, get sacked less and throw fewer picks.

I'd like to see Henry stay in Hamilton, but with an overhauled O line.


Had all year to work on a deal and there was zero urgency on Austin's part. If anyone thinks there isnt a plan in place they're mad.

If one desperately wants to keep Burris then they can kiss one or more FAs goodbye and any off season shopping to improve the team would be considerably curtailed. With great QBs comes the burdens of salary that come with it.

They easily could have a deal and just don’t announce it till after the draft.

Do you actually think that has happened ?

It can happen,

Agree to sign after the REDBLACKS Draft and before Dec.31 so a signing bonus goes onto the 2013 season Cap

If George takes over in Winnipeg. I can see Henry going to finish his career there.

My problem is that our receivers seemed to have a problem getting open most of the time. Not sure if it's a speed issue or a problem with the design of the plays. But I think it contributed to both the sack count and the interception totals. And if not for Burris' ability to strong-arm the ball in there when a guy is basically covered, we'd have been toast.

Austin would be throwing away the turnkey operation he took over if he does not resign Hank!!

Without Burris the Tabbies would not have had a 500 season.

Burris should finish his career in Hamilton, and would be a great veteran mentor for a QB of the future.

The teams without veteran quarterbacks suffer in the CFL. Hank is the man in Hamilton. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

actually, Burris helped lead us to a .600 season, the first winning season in 12 years. :thup:

Very well put...I can't imagine if we would have had an ordinary quarterback ?? We wouldn't have got pass Montreal...One thing should be clear to the management..."SIGN HENRY"...then work on the line and receiver speed...we have a winning formula , only an idiot would mess with it.

I doubt Rod Pederson has many if any contacts in the Ticats office. He's trying to start controversy where there was none. Hank said he wants to be back, Austin said he wants him back. I figure good odds he'll be back in black and gold.